USA Casino Reviews - Online Casinos Accepting US Players: Play Penguin Power!

USA Casino Reviews – Online Casinos Accepting US Players: Play Penguin Power!

Tonight I am reviewing Bovada casino’s video slot game called Penguin Power!  This game uses wild penguins on reels 2, 3, & 4 to give you lots of winning combinations and excellent play time. The wild penguin is shown below completing 5 aces for a $50 win on a $2 bet.

This is one of my favorite games from Bovada.  It seems to pay nice size hits quite regularly.  Below is a $50 win I hit the other night with a bet of $1.  I also hit 5 of just about everything except for the seals and penguins in less than an hour of play. 

This game is a 20 payline video slot (like many others at with a fun bonus round.  You can bet anywhere from 1 cent per payline (20 cents total bet) all the way up to 5 dollars per payline ($100 total bet). The bonus round is fairly easy to hit since all you need to do is get 3 (or more) igloos anywhere on the reels.   This game also has a random jackpot that can be hit at anytime with any bet.  The picture below shows what you have to get to start the bonus round.

When you do hit the bonus round, you are awarded a free spins.  The amount of free spins you get varies, but will always be either 5, 10, 15, or 25 free games. I don’t think how many triggering igloos you got has anything to do with it either, it seems pretty random.  I’ve gotten 25 free spins with only 3 igloos several times.  See 5 queens below being doubled by the wild penguin.

Below is the payout chart for Penguin Power!  As you can see, the baby penguins are wild on reels 2, 3, & 4 and double the win. 3 or more scattered igloos start the bonus round of free spins. 2 igloos gives you your money back, and this is something that happens a lot.  Many of Bovada’s slot games do not pay for 2 scatters, but this one does and that is partially why I like this game.  Getting your money back so frequently gives you much greater playtime.  I usually judge this game by how many igloos are coming up. If I am seeing a lot, then it’s a good night to play this game, If not I try another game.  Here is a partial list of video slot games that you can choose from.  They currently have over 120 video slot games but not all are listed there.  To see and play all of their games you will need to download the Bovada casino and install it.  Only a handful of games are available as flash versions that can be played online in your browser.

Now let’s talk about the bonus free spins for a minute.  More wild penguins and scatter igloos are added for this bonus game. During your free spins, if you line up (horizontally on line 1, 2 or 3) an igloo in reel 1 or 5 with a wild penguin on reel 2, 3, or 4 then a secondary bonus is activated where you will be rewarded.  The reward can be up to 100 times your bet or up to 10 additional free spins.  90% of the time you get either 2 or 3 extra spins when this happens.  I’ve had bonus rounds last over 5 minutes because the spins kept re-triggering.  Bonus wins over $100 are not uncommon with a $1 bet.

Overall, I am giving Penguin Power a 9 out of 10 for regular payouts and long playtime.  Of course with any gambling, there are times when nothing is winning.  Just remember that and know when to walk away.  Please don’t spend your rent money or gamble away your kids college.  Only gamble if you can afford it, and if you’re having a bad night just close the program and try again tomorrow.  That’s the best advantage of playing from home.  A lot of fun can be had with a relatively small deposit and a little luck.

If you do sign-up and start playing at Bovada, I would appreciate it if you would use this link right here to join. By using my link, you’ll help me justify the time I spend on writing these reviews to my wife (and you’ll get the best bonus they currently offer).  

Good luck and play responsibly!