Ghosts of Meridian update is out

New Ghostbusters World App Will Use Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality apps are becoming all the craze recently. Titles like Pokémon GO have been wildly successful and many companies are trying to create apps to share in this huge success. One such company is NextAge with their upcoming app Ghostbusters World.

NextAge alongside Sony Pictures Entertainment, Ghost Corps and 4:33 Creative Lab are developing the app for both IOS and Android devices this year. The app will allow players to fight and capture ghosts from the wildly popular Ghostbusters films, cartoons, comics and games. There will also be new and unique ghosts to the app itself. The game utilizes the IOS or Android device to place the ghosts within the world for the player to interact with. Not many details have been given on how exactly gameplay will work or if there will be RPG elements and small micro-transactions like Pokémon GO. 

The developer hopes to release the app this year but no definitive release date has been given yet. More information on the app alongside a release date will most likely come during the upcoming 2018 GDC.