Mutant Year Zero Road to Eden - Loot Chests and Where to Find Them

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

Loot and Zones

Broiler 50

  • Bonuses: +1 Additional Critical Damage / +50% Chance to Burn Enemies.
  • Dropped by first Zone Ghoul encountered in the first Zone, The Metal Bird.
  • Recommend equipping on Dux’s Crossbow once you reach the Ark in Delta’s Fix Pit.


  • New Weapon (Scatter Gun/Shot Gun)
  • Bonuses: Can Destroy Cover, Knocks Enemies Back
  • Found in the second Zone, Eastern Outpost behind the cabin guarded by 2 zone Ghouls.
  • Recommend Equipping on Bormin.

Note: There is a third zone Ghoul behind the cabin. Recommend ambushing with Dux’s crossbow.

Snazzy Visor

  • New Equipment
  • Bonuses:25% Added to Weapon Range.
  • Found in Ark Outskirts zone in dilapidated gas station on the way to the Ark elevator.
  • Recommend Equipping on Dux.

Noatun – EMP 30

  • Weapon Mod
  • Bonuses: +1 Additional Critical Damage, 30% Chance to Disable Robotic Enemies.

Aristo Hat

  • New Equipment
  • Bonuses: +20% Critical Damage from High Ground.
  • Found on Eastern edge of The High Grounds zone guarded by zone dogs.

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