League of Legends Samira "The Desert Rose" Set to Join Roster

League of Legends Samira “The Desert Rose” Set to Join Roster


In a flashy new trailer, Riot Games has revealed their next character for League of Legends, Samira who is expected in the next update.

Samira, also known as “The Desert Rose“, is set to join the expanding list of League of Legends champions in update 10.18.

Update 10.18 is set to arrive sometime in the next two weeks where Samira should be available as a League of Legends download probably in exchange for RP.

Samira’s new trailer demonstrates her anime-like appearance and abilities as well as weapons worthy of Final Fantasy.

League of Legends – Samira: The Desert Rose Trailer

Wielding double hand cannons and a superbly over-sized sword, Samira is capable of hacking, slashing and shooting her way out of any situation.

According to her YouTube description, the distinctly Russian badass beauty “is a gifted, ruthless marksman who charges up her style meter as she hunts for the flashiest kill.

So, it appears that Samira is in the Marksman class which will enable her to deal ranged attack damage over time.

While there are no official stats for Samira as of yet, some data miners have pulled some details from the game files.

League of Legends Samira The Desert Rose
League of Legends – Samira

According to these data-mined stats, Samira has a multitude of abilities.

Some of these include building combos by varying attacks, double physical blade damage and a ten shot barrage from her guns to surrounding enemies.

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Apart from these small and not yet official details, not much is known about Samira apart from what has been shown in the trailer, but I would expect stats details to be made public shortly before her release.

League of Legends was released in 2009 with 40 champions available and a steady stream has been released since then.

Samira gameplay screenshots: Click to enlarge…