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Just Cause 3 Guide – The Best Upgrades And Mods

With Just Cause 3 available to PlayStation Plus subscribers this month, it’s time to refresh ourselves with some the best upgrades and mods available to players on their first go-ahead around the destructible island of Medici.

Before any real destruction can happen, players should check out the missable Mission #2, “Time For An Upgrade.” Though they can explore the locale right from the get-go, they may be limited in what they can do. Unlocking the Wingsuit and retractable grapple line certainly helps – check out the video below for a streamlined walkthrough.

Once the Wingsuit is acquired, it’s important that players keep two simple rules in mind in order to maximize traveling distance and maneuver easily. First, always switch to parachute before reeling Rico in when he has his Wingsuit on. Second, Rico is boosted a little higher when his parachute is opened while wingsuiting, allowing for the player to feasibly fly indefinitely. The video below illustrates this last point well:

Once players feel comfortable and have more experience, they should complete one Wingsuit challenge with at least 3 gears to gain the Reel-In Boost from Rico’s Traversal Mods, which will help them fly longer, if that suits their fancy.

Speaking of mods, the best of the best can be found under Explosives Mods, Destruction Mods, Tether Mods, and Traversal Mods, so players should focus on filling out each of these categories before moving on to other ones. The first and second mod designations will allow them to carry more grenades, the third will allow for more powerful, multiple tethers, and the fourth will allow Rico to go almost anywhere on the map, plus improve the amount of damage both taken and dealt from impacts, meaning each is vital for an awesomely fun destruction-filled experience.

Lastly, players should try to liberate as many areas as they can. This will give them access to more challenges and, as a consequence, access to more upgrades. In turn this will allow for a more custom gameplay experience – because in the end, the player’s enjoyment is what matters the most, right?

Have any more tips? Be sure to comment them below. Otherwise, have fun and blow the hell out of everything, OK?