Vulor – EPK

Vulor (#139) is a Earth / Fire type species of Temtem. It has the possibility of having Pyromaniac / Individualist Traits. It gives you HP +1, DEF +1 when you defeat it in battle!

Official Vulor Description

Although they hide their faces in hollow rocks like their lesser brethren, these Temtem have very little to fear from their environment. Tough as stone and destructive as fire, they are a force to be reckoned with.

Vulor Base Stats

  • HP: 65
  • STA: 59
  • SPD: 63
  • ATK: 49
  • DEF: 71
  • SPATK: 49
  • SPDEF: 32
  • TV Yield: HP +1, DEF +1

Where to Find Vulor

Island Area Type Lvl Frequency
Tucma Mines of Mictlan Floor 32-34 Rare

Vulor Strengths & Weaknesses

Strength and weaknesses are based upon how much damage Vulor takes from each type. Learn more about Type Matchups.

  • Strengths: Fire (x4), Electric, Crystal (x4), Toxic
  • Weaknesses: Water (x4), Melee, Earth

Vulor Evolution

Techniques Vulor Learns by Leveling

Techniques Vulor Learns From Courses

Techniques Vulor Learns Through Breeding