Valash – EPK

Valash (#050) is a Crystal / Neutral type species of Temtem. It has the possibility of having Scavenger / Determined Traits. It gives you SPATK +2, ATK +2 when you defeat it in battle!

Official Valash Description

A fascinating offshoot, Valash is a rare case of bipedal hybrid, documented only recently. The care with which it keeps its forearm crystals sharpened betrays some sort of primitive sentience.

Valash Base Stats

  • HP: 58
  • STA: 57
  • SPD: 90
  • ATK: 74
  • DEF: 56
  • SPATK: 74
  • SPDEF: 56
  • TV Yield: SPATK +2, ATK +2

Where to Find Valash

Island Area Type Lvl Frequency
Tucma Mines of Mictlan Ground 35-39 Rare

Valash Strengths & Weaknesses

Strength and weaknesses are based upon how much damage Valash takes from each type. Learn more about Type Matchups.

  • Strengths: Electric, Toxic
  • Weaknesses: Fire, Earth, Melee

Techniques Valash Learns by Leveling

Techniques Valash Learns From Courses

Techniques Valash Learns Through Breeding