Tuwai – EPK

Tuwai (#130) is a Wind type species of Temtem. It has the possibility of having Spoilsport / Resilient Traits. It gives you ATK +1 when you defeat it in battle!

Official Tuwai Description

Professor Konstantinos described Tuwai as “taxonomically Wind, but also the only Denizan Temtem with meta-mimetic properties.” He theorized about the possibility of Tuwai changing dramatically “if the relevant Place of Power” could be found.

Tuwai Base Stats

  • HP: 54
  • STA: 47
  • SPD: 58
  • ATK: 62
  • DEF: 45
  • SPATK: 60
  • SPDEF: 47
  • TV Yield: ATK +1

Where to Find Tuwai

Island Area Type Lvl Frequency
Tucma Corrupted Badlands Grass 5-10 Very Rare

Tuwai Strengths & Weaknesses

Strength and weaknesses are based upon how much damage Tuwai takes from each type. Learn more about Type Matchups.

  • Strengths: Earth, Wind
  • Weaknesses: Electric

Tuwai Evolution

Techniques Tuwai Learns by Leveling

Techniques Tuwai Learns From Courses