Toxolotl – EPK

Toxolotl (#105) is a Toxic type species of Temtem. It has the possibility of having Power Nap / Toxic Farewell Traits. It gives you SPATK +2 when you defeat it in battle!

Official Toxolotl Description

Perhaps no other Temtem is as representative of Tucma as the colorful Toxolotl. Each strand in its mane is supposed to signify one of the original Tucmani tribes that first excavated and settled Quetzal after the Anak cataclysm.

Toxolotl Base Stats

  • HP: 59
  • STA: 40
  • SPD: 47
  • ATK: 50
  • DEF: 64
  • SPATK: 65
  • SPDEF: 37
  • TV Yield: SPATK +2

Where to Find Toxolotl

Island Area Type Lvl Frequency
Tucma Xolot Reservoir Grass 26-30 Uncommon

Toxolotl Strengths & Weaknesses

Strength and weaknesses are based upon how much damage Toxolotl takes from each type. Learn more about Type Matchups.

  • Strengths: Water, Nature, Toxic
  • Weaknesses: Wind

Toxolotl Evolution

Techniques Toxolotl Learns by Leveling

Techniques Toxolotl Learns From Courses

Techniques Toxolotl Learns Through Breeding