Taifu – EPK

Taifu (#024) is a Nature type species of Temtem. It has the possibility of having Toxic Farewell / Resilient Traits. It gives you SPATK +1, STA +2 when you defeat it in battle!

Official Taifu Description

Brought up on a steady diet of stolen cookies, Hidody evolves into the more agile Taifu. They are naughty but cute creatures, naturally given to light-hearted mischief… but very serious opponents in battle.

Taifu Base Stats

  • HP: 60
  • STA: 87
  • SPD: 45
  • ATK: 50
  • DEF: 45
  • SPATK: 78
  • SPDEF: 78
  • TV Yield: SPATK +1, STA +2

Where to Find Taifu

Island Area Type Lvl Frequency
Omninesia The Glassyway Grass 19-22 Rare

Taifu Strengths & Weaknesses

Strength and weaknesses are based upon how much damage Taifu takes from each type. Learn more about Type Matchups.

  • Strengths: Water, Nature, Electric, Earth
  • Weaknesses: Fire, Toxic

Taifu Evolution

Techniques Taifu Learns by Leveling

Techniques Taifu Learns From Courses

Techniques Taifu Learns Through Breeding