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If you’re jumping into NHL 21, then you’ve no doubt been experimenting with the various moves and dekes you can pull off in the game. These are some of the best ways you can blow past an opponent, or score a goal on a goalie that is keeping you off the scoreboard. Some of these […]

Well, this certainly is an interesting challenge, because you’re going to have to go from being a person who does pornography to one that becomes a politician so good that you can win the presidency. You are going to need quite a bit of money to make your bid to become president, so make sure […]

The best way to describe Vigil: The Longest Night is a hybrid, as it takes elements from the Soulsborne and Metroidvania genres and merges them together to create something of a rather unique game. As you begin, it might not seem that there’s any Metroidvania mechanics at all, but the Soulsborne elements leap out at […]

Enchanting in video games can differ depending on what genre. In some games, enchanting is essentially upgrading, but in others, it’s imbuing a certain stat or debuff to it, which causes an assortment of effects. For example, by enchanting a sword with a poison gem, that sword will now have the chance to poison anyone […]

Forging and upgrading your items are always an integral part of RPG’s and the same can be said about the Soulsborne style of games. There are tons and tons of different weapons in those games, but finding one you like and upgrading it to the max is the best part. Vigil may differ somewhat, as […]