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Leaks Suggest Thanos could be returning to Fortnite

Epic released the v7.01 Fortnite update today and there were no new cosmetics added to the files. However, leaks confirm a number of files in the ‘Carmine’ (Infinity Gauntlet) LTM folder were updated along with a new sound file added.

The Infinity Gauntlet LTM (Limited Time Mode) was added to Fortnite in patch 4.1 which was released on Tuesday, 8th May. Early in a match, a meteor would land in the safe zone, delivering the Infinity Gauntlet. A player who managed to get to the Gauntlet and use it would transform into Thanos. Thanos has four abilities in the game, a mighty punch, flying and dropping to the ground which would deal damage, a power blst and a super jump. The LTM wasn’t available for too long, but there’s a possibility it could be making a return.

In the v7.01 update, the files for the LTM have updated, and a new sound file has been found.

According to FortTory, a Fortnite data miner, the following files were changed:

  • M_Jim_Chroma_Sphere_NoRefraction
  • P_Jim_Gauntlet_Pickup_Derez
  • P_Jim_Gauntlet_Pickup_Fading
The Infinity Gauntlet LTM files have been updated

Along with the updated files, a new sound file called “Carmine_disappear_01” was also found that can be heard in a clip below:

As with all leaks, nothing has been confirmed by Epic Games and there is currently no other information available as to whether this LTM will be returning in the future. We’ll keep you updated if anything changes.

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