AC New Horizons How to Fix Your Eye - Cure Wasp Stings!

AC New Horizons How to Fix Your Eye – Cure Wasp Stings!

Oh no, have you been attacked by wasps in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?! Well, if they managed to sting you then you’ll no doubt notice that you’re looking a bit worse for wear. That’s okay, because there’s a real simple way to fix your eye and get you back to shaking trees and collecting things!

How to Fix Your Eye & Cure Wasp Stings

If you’ve been attacked by wasps for shaking one too many trees then you’ll need something to fix what they’ve done to your poor face! Well, that is pretty simple because all you’re going to need is some medicine. You can obtain medicine by heading over to the Nook’s Cranny area where there’s a bright green tent with a leaf over it. Go inside of that and talk to Timmy and Tommy and tell them you would like to buy something.

Go to the Miscellaneous section and look for the white bag with blue decorations on it. This is the Medicine you’ll need to fix your eye! It’s just 400 bells, so purchase that and then locate it in your inventory. Open up your inventory and then find the bag of Medicine and hit the Take Medicine option. Once you’ve done that, you’ll do a quick spin and be as good as new! If you ever get stung again, you can always come back here and find more Medicine for purchase.

That’s all you need to do to fix your eye in Animal Crossing: New Horizons! Make sure to be careful out there, and run for the hills next time you see those wasps.