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FAQ/Walkthrough Walkthrough for Bioshock 2 XBOX 360 @ EPK

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Copywrite ExtremePhobia (Brandon Fusco) 2010  |
Let's keep this simple. This is a guide to Bioshock 2. This is not pr0n. Hope
this helps. This guide will get you from the beginning of the game to the
end at the very least. Eventually it will have everything you need to know.
I know that this guide isn't perfect but it will hopefully come to be
eventually. Feel free to point my errors because this is a long guide and it
is very easy to make mistakes.
Table of Contents
A. Weapons....................xxWExx
B. Plasmids...................xxPLxx
C. Tonics.....................xxTOxx
D. Enemies....................xxENxx
E. Walkthrough......................
Adonis Bath...............xxABxx
Atlantic Express..........xxAExx
Ryan's Amusements.........xxRAxx
Pauper's Drop.............xxPDxx
Siren Alley...............xxSAxx
Dionysus Park.............xxDPxx
Fontaine Futuristics......xxFFxx
Outer Persephone..........xxOPxx
Innner Persephone.........xxIPxx
F. Closing....................xxCLxx
G. Version History............xxVHxx
Weapons                 xxWExx
The Drill is your first weapon and the most powerful melee weapon in the game.
It does however take some effort to be all that it can be. If you hold down
the Right Trigger it will spin up and deal continual damage to anything that
it touches but this costs fuel. If you tap the Right Trigger or hit (B) then
you will swing it dealing a large amount of damage. If you hold Right Trigger
and then hit (B) then you will dash strait forward and deal massive damage to
the first thing you hit. You won't be able to use this attack until you aquire
it through the story though. There are also a large number of tonics to help
the Drill but that will be covered later.
The rivet gun is a semi-slow firing weapon that deal moderate damage to
your enemies and has three types of ammo: regular, trap, and heavy. The heavy
rivets do pretty good damage to heavier foes but it also takes more time than
usual in between each shot. The trap rivets will stay on whatever you shoot
them on until something (other than you) crosses it's sensor range which will
set it off. This gun can usually kill in two head shots if you can manage it.
The Machine Gun is a rapid firing gun with anti-personel and anti-armor rounds
which makes this a rather versatile weapon. It has a great rate of fire and
does very good damage against every enemy if you use the right ammo. By far
the biggest draw back is it's very poor accuracy. I still wouldn't get the
accuracy upgrade for it though because you can always change weapons or
compensate yourself to fix the accuracy problem.
This thing does great damage at close range. It also has Solid Slugs which do
very well against soft targets and Phospherous Buck which explodes not long
after contact and ignites the target. Unfortunately the weapon only has two
shots which makes it not much good in a prolonged fight. There's an upgrade to
boost the capicity to six rounds instead. I highly recommend that upgrade.
The Speargun is a highly accurate and very strong weapon. It has Rocket spears
and trap spears to back it up. The trap spears are somewhat similar to trap
rivets. The Rocket spears on the other hand are like a very strong Phospherous
Buck. It will stick to an enemy and later explode cause a lot of damage to
the target and anything else around it.
The Launcher shoots different types of grenades, among them are regulars
which explode as soon as they hit something, proximity which will stick to
surfaces and explode when an enemy nears them, and heat-seakers which do just
as their name suggests. Very powerful but slow to fire and you need to watch
that you don't catch yourself in the blast.
This isn't really a weapon but it shows in the weapon radial and has
mini-turrets. This is used for hacking things from a distance (in case you
didn't know). It has regular darts which just let you hack something normally
except from a distance and auto-hack darts which hacks anything it touches
without any other effort (besides aiming) on your part. The third ammo is the
mini-turret which is a deployable turret. It's not as sturdy and will
self-destruct eventually but it can put out a lot of damage really fast and
it turns even faster than it's normal counter-parts.
This isn't a weapon either but it does indirectly do damage. Take a picture of
an enemy before you start fighting and it'll record the fight and give you
different bonuses for your research. The more you mix up how you damage the
enemy your fighting, the better your research score will be and the faster you
will get your bonuses.
Plasmids                xxPLxx
Electrobolt when used on an enemy will stun it and if it is struck with a
melee attack while stunned, it will recieve even more damage than normal. You
can also use Electrobolt on puddles of water to zap everything (including
yourself) that's in the water and to open doors. Stronger forms of this will
create bolts that will jump to surrounding enemies when charged up.
Incinerate will stun enemies and cause some decent damage, though they'll
flail around a bit making it difficult to attack them while they're still on
fire. This is also useful for burning oil and melting ice. This plasmid deals
more damage with upgrades.
This plasmid will allow you to pull things toward you and then hurl them with
a decent amount of force. This is great for reaching certain items that are
far away or for catching items that are thrown at you. When this is upgraded
you will eventually be able to pick up small, live splicers and throw them.
This plasmid will freeze enemies for a decent period of time, including Big
Daddies and Sisters. If a smaller enemy is killed while frozen, you won't be
able to loot them but sometimes, who cares? This is a very useful plasmid for
tough fights. When upgraded, enemies will be frozen into blocks, taking more
time to unfreeze.
This plasmid will toss any enemy that steps on it into the air. You can also
use it for charging enemies to stun them (like Brutes). When upgraded, you can
use this plasmid and then use another on it to create a better trap. With
another upgrade you'll be able to put the traps on walls and ceilings to get
Spider Splicers too.
Decoy creates a decoy of yourself that will draw the attention of enemies to
it so you don't take damage. It will only last so long though. Upgraded decoy
allows it to last longer and will cause damage to be reflected back at the
attacker and (with the last upgrade) to also be sent to you as health.
This plasmid will cause enemies to go into a frenzy and possibly attack fellow
splicers. This only works on small enemies at first but with upgrades you can
use it on stronger enemies like Big Daddies and even get them to befriend you
and walk around with you for a short period.
These little buggers will do damage and distract enemies. There's not much
else to say except that when upgraded you can use it on enemies who will leave
corpses infested with bugs which will attack other enemies that come close.
This plasmid will turn you into a sort of ghost that can walk around without
being seen. You can take a look around and see what's ahead of you as well as
use some plasmids to start fights without being there. Using plasmids makes
your scout disappear faster. With an upgrade, it will also be able to hack
Security Command allows you to direct machines to an enemy. This includes
enemy controlled machines. This plasmid is fantastic for rumblers. When it's
upgraded further it will allow you to call security bots without having to
set an alarm off and hack them. After another upgrade you'll be able to summon
even stronger bots.
This will be filled in at a later date. There are a LOT of tonics. They will
be filled in very soon though, hopefully.
This splicer is largely harmless. They will run strait at you with some kind
of melee weapon and try to hit you with it. You'll quickly learn to sidestep
just as they reach you and then bash them in the side of the head to quickly
end a fight. These will stop appearing after the first couple of levels.
These are the all around splicers that you'll see for the entire game. They
carry some kind of gun and grenades with them. They will also take cover
behind objects. You'll see a lot of them and really there aren't any nice and
easy tricks for dealing with them other than to shoot back.
This big guys are fast, tough, and strong. But they are also very weak to
plasmids. Just keep stunning them and shooting them and they'll eventually
die. Watch out for when they charge you because they can close the gap fast
and when they aren't doing that, be careful of flying rocks.
These splicers can climb anywhere and they're fast and agile to boot. Really
the best thing to do is to listen for the sound of their hooks digging into
the stone of walls and ceilings as the climb around. They'll generally come
at you fast like a thuggish splicer but they are much harder to dodge. They
also can throw hooks at you from a distance so that's not really a solution
either. It's almost preferable to let them close the distance and then blast
These splicers do two things. They teleport and shoot fire at you. This does
however make them kind of difficult. Winter Blast doesn't generally reach
but electrobolt will. You can always shock them and then shoot them.
There are three types of Big Daddies. There's the Bouncer, who is strictly
melee, the Rosie who uses a Rivet Gun, and the Rumbler who uses mini-turrets
and explosives. All three can be frozen quite well and will respond to melee
attacks as well as anti-armor ammo. You should also always use Security
Command on Rumblers to keep their mini-turrets on them instead of you.
These guys are softer, faster Big Daddies. In theory atleast. Basically they
will carry a weapon similar to one you're carrying (shotgun, rivetgun,
launcher, etc.,) and they may rush at you. They don't use offensive plasmids.
They freeze well (but will shatter) and can be killed with only two spears.
If they rush you, melee them just before the reach you to stop them cold.
This thing is fast, strong, and uses plasmids like you wish you could. She is
also very weak to frost. So freeze her and beat on her. She'll throw fire
and rocks at you for ranged attacks, she'll jump around a lot to avoid you
and then she'll get really close and beat on you. You can generally kill her
with a fill tank of Drill Fuel if you can survive the heat of being so close
to her.
I only list this because the research camera does. This is every type of
security machine from turrets to cameras. Turrets shoot at you, Cameras call
bots to shoot at you and bots come and shoot at you. Basically you can hack
them or you can blow them up in obvious ways. They can be easily stunned by
electrobolt but they won't stay stunned long.
Adonis Bath             xxABxx
Now that you're awake, take the stairs in front of you up and then right.
Come around to the door blocked by pink coral. Time for your first: "combat"
lesson. If you hold down the right trigger, your drill will spin but will also
use up some Drill Fuel. Instead you can quickly tap the Right Trigger (RT) or
hit the (B) button and you will swing the drill which uses no drill fuel.
Since your door is blocked by a harmless object, just swing at it and save the
fuel for when you really need it. continue through the next hallway where you
will be taught to crouch. You will come out of the hallway into the Adonis
Bath. OoOoOo scary! Don't worry about it. Move through the room on the left
side to find:
Attention Workers by "Big Kate' O'Malley
This Diary is at the Southwest corner of the power generator sitting
against a pillar. If you hit the back button it will bring up a map for
you to judge your position.
Just to the right of the generator is a door and just to the right of that is
some Drill Fuel. Grab the fuel and head through the door. Time for another
Fitness by Rachelle Jacques
From here you can go left or right. Go right and open the door using the
code 1540. The diary will be on the floor right in front of you.
Now head back to the fork and head left slowly. Watch the events and then
round the corner and beat the leadhead splicer with your drill. Continue down
the hall and on your left there will be a counter with a cash register and
just beyond that will be an Eve Hypo dispenser. Dispensers ensure that you
will always have a supply you need to continue. If you run out, come back for
an extra. Head to the Gatherer's Garden just in front of you and grab the
Electrobolt plasmid from the dispenser, free of charge.
After you inject yourself, check the rooms on either side of you and then head
back the way you came to the door that is now jammed. Use your new Electrobolt
Plasmid on the door switch to open the door.
More Combat Training. There are two splicers in this room. You can try and
crouch walk up to one (which will make you quieter) or you can go the direct
route and use what a dear departed friend referred to as the "One-Two-Punch."
Zap a splicer and not only will it stun them for a short period but if you
strike them with a (B) melee swing you will also do significantly more damage.
Dispose of the two splicers in the bath area (one just off to the right of the
door) and give the glowing golden panel in front of the generator a zap with
Electrobolt. An arrow will appear at the top of your screen to guide you
onward. If you're lost, this arrow will lead you to your next objective.
Follow it now.
To My Daughter by Sofia Lamb
In the next hall there is a sign for the bathroom on the right. Follow it
and you should see the glowing red light on a bench in front of you.
You can also go in to the bathroom for some loot. You'll also see a closed
stall which you can pay to open. Do so and collect the items and money on the
other side. Return to the hall and go right and around the corner into another
This room is to show you another use for Electrobolt. There should be two
splicers in the pool of water in front of you. Zap the water to kill both
splicers. Be careful not to be in or enter the water will it is still
electrified because you can be damaged by it too. This works on any pool of
water deep enough to stand in and works on any enemy, even the big ones.
Return by Brigid Tenenbaum
In this room, from the door you used to enter the room it should be on a
bench immediately to your right.
Continue to follow the arrow to the door out of this room. Grab the Rivet Gun
on the ground to allow the door to open. There are two splicers in this room,
feel free to use your new gun if you like. It shoots with a decent speed and
does good damage, especially if you aim for the head. You can push the right
stick in (R3) to help you aim for those head shots... but be warned that you
can not fire plasmids while aiming like this.
They Called it Rapture by Mark Meltzer
Just after killing the two splicers, go right into a side room and it will
be on the floor just in front of you. You can also explore this room for
some items and ammo but be warned, there will be a splicer on your way
back out.
Follow the arrow back out and into the next room. It's time to be introduced
to the Big Sister. Even though it seems like you're in combat, you aren't.
Basically the Big Sister is going to give you a show and scare you off by
taking all of your health. You can waste ammo and hit her but you won't do
any damage and you can use Health Kits but you're only drawing out this
"fight" and wasting Kits. YOU WON'T DIE!, just let her beat on you will you
search the room for loot.
Generation by Andrew Ryan
Just circle around the right side of the big stairs in the middle of
the room and it should be on the long counter next to some Whiskey
Loot the room and proceed to the next by following the arrow or the giant hole
that the Big Sister made. Continue on into a giant room with a huge window.
Hop off the ledge and move forward.
Escape from Rapture by Sammy Fletcher
Once you leave the giant room through what was once the huge window, you
will quickly see a broken submersible on your left with yellow lights that
flicker occassionally. Check the bodies inside and one will have the Diary
Walk your way through the water. Don't worry, you won't be hurt, not even by
fall damage. You can find items, bodies, and containers underwater so feel
free to search around. Follow the arrow to the end of the patch and use the
lever to drain the room. Welcome to the Atlantic Express.
Atlantic Express  xxAExx
Go through the door, and up the stairs and then up the next set of stairs
(searching as you go of course, should go without saying at this point). You
will then come up a set of stairs and see a splicer. When you try to approach
him (or kill him), the door will close and lock. Go up to the door and take a
right into the shack to grab the Remote Hacker and some hacking darts. Aim
through the broken window and shoot the glowing door control panel to hack it.
Here is your intro to hacking. Like the first Bioshock, if you can get close
enough to a hackable object, you can press X and hack it. If you can't do
that for some reason (obstacles, it shoots at you, etc.,) then you can use a
hack dart.
The hacking mini-game consists of a bar (or series of bars) with colored
sections on it and a moving arrow. If you hit (B) it will cancel the hack and
(X) will hack it automatically at a monetary cost. To hack it manually, press
the (A) button to stop the arrow. You want to stop it on Green or blue. They
are the same except blue will provide a bonus of some sort (machine does extra
damage, you receive an extra item, etc.,) If you hit multiple blue patches
then you will recieve even more bonuses.
If you land in a white section then you will recieve a small shock and will
have to start the hack over. If the arrow lands in a red section then you will
trigger an alarm and be attacked by security bots. And have to start the hack
over. REMEMBER that the game doesn't pause for a hack in Bioshock 2 so either
keep on the move once the hacking starts or wait until the area is clear.
Lastly, you are timed (per section) and if you take too long, it'll count as
landing on a white.
Go back around and through the door you just opened. In the next room, hack
the security bot and you'll have a friend to help you. Continue on.
There are two splicers in this room. Deal with them how you like and then
check the small work area to your left. Just outside this room is a health
station if you need it. $15 for a full heal. Or hack it and it will poison
anyone else who tries to use it, $9 for a full heal and if you get a bonus,
it'll drop a health kit on the floor. If you destroy it (rendering it useless)
it'll drop another health kit on the floor.
The Great Chain Rattles by Andrew Ryan
Just inside the small office area against the wall just at the bottom
of the stairs on a shelf you'll find the diary.
Leave this room out through the back right. Go into the next room and use the
switch to start an event. Once you flip the switch, sit back and watch. Don't
bother wasting ammo, you'll be fine.
Welcome back to the water. Walk through the water and come out the other end,
it's a short trip. You'll enter a room with bookshelves. Approach the exit to
this room slowly. If you peak around the corner and look up you should be able
to see the light of a security camera. Take out your remote hacker and claim
the camera as your own. If you're lucky, the camera will see the two splicers
in the room and handle them itself. If not, there's a leadhead and a thuggish
splicer in the room to deal with. kill them and continue on, taking what you
On your way out of this room you HAVE to walk by a Bot Shutdown panel. It's
the wall mounting with the green light and the security bot over it. This
panel can be used to shutdown any bots in the area for free. Not only is this
useful for saving yourself but you can also use it to gain your own bots. You
can trigger an alarm on purpose and run over to the panel and flip the switch
giving you two innactive bots to hack and take with you.
Continue out of the room and take a right. Grab the free Plasmid in the middle
of the Jet-Postal room.
Mr. Tape Recorder by Eleanor Lamb
To get this, you'll have to back track a bit. Go back until you get to the
water section again. As you go down the stairs get back in the water, but
before you actually go under water, there will be a big fan on your left
and just behind it will be the Diary. Use Telekinesis to grab it. Return
to the Jet-Postal room.
Search the room and continue out the other end and to the left. Go up the
stairs and take a left onto a catwalk. There are some splicers in the pit off
to your right talking. Use Telekinesis to grab one of the propane tanks and
hurl it into the center of the group. There are 6 splicers total and you just
got rid of three. Clearly, if you're a splicer, you'd want to know what that
explosion was and shoot the person who made it, whoever they might be. If you
wait, they should come running and you should be able to make short work of
them with the remaining tanks. Just be careful not to spend too much time
aiming because they may shoot the tank and cause it to explode in your face.
Just a Fad by Prentice Mill
Just continue down the catwalk and it will be on a drawing board desk
against the wall on your left.
Ryan vs Lamb: Reality by Sofia Lamb
Hop off the catwalk and under the "Cafeteria" sign immediately across.
Go up the stairs and through the kitchen into a side room with this diary
in a suitcase in the back left corner. Beware two new splicers as you exit
Head to the giant door at the end of the room which will slam shut. Then turn
around and follow the wall on your right. Go through the first door then take
a right and go into the bathroom. Look through the hole in the wall and use
Telekinesis to remove the pipe that's jamming up the gears.
What Happened to the People? by Mark Meltzer
Come out of the bathroom and back out the door to your left. You should be
able to see a group of low hanging colored lights just off to your left
and in front of you (but not through the big door yet). If you are looking
strait at the giant door they are on your right by some boxes. Under those
lights is the diary.
Go through the Giant Door
Know the Beast by Sofia Lamb
Just after you walk through the big door, there's a path off to your left.
follow the tunnel around the corner and it will be sitting on a toppled
filing cabinet.
After going through the Huge Door, take a right and there'll be a vending
machine (feel free to hack/shop) and a hall just to the left of it. Go up the
stairs and ignore the Big Sister. Take out your remote hacker and
From the main room, head as if you're heading into the cafeteria but as soon
as you walk under the sign, take a right and go all the way to the end to the
hole in the wall. Use Telekinesis to remove the pipe in the gears. Now turn
around and walk back through the door and take your first left back out to the
main room.
What Happened to the People? by Mark Meltzer
From where you stand, in front of you and slightly to the left there
should be hanging lights (If you went through the Huge Door then you went
too far.) If you are looking at the huge door it should be just to the
right of it. Under these lights is the Diary.
Continue through the Huge Door
Know the Beast by Sofia Lamb
Just after you go through the huge door, you can go to the left down a
small passage. Go down the passage and just around the corner, the diary
should be resting on a fallen filing cabinet.
Now that you're on the otherside of the door there should be a Vending
Machine just to your right. Feel free to hack/shop. Once you're done with that
go through the doorway just to the left of the vending machine and up the
stairs to the Switching Hub.
Don't bother with the big sister, she's just there to scare you. change to
your remote hacker. On the outer wall should be a security camera. Hurry and
hack it because you're about to get attacked by a large number of splicers.
There is a lot of cover to crouch behind while you hack. Once you have that
done, wade through the splicers and get on the elevator. They appear to be on
a continuous respawn so you'll never manage to kill them all.
Once the elevator gets to the top you get to witness the effectiveness of the
trap rivets. Once the door opens grab the extra containers plus the individual
left overs. The rivets will never hurt you, only others.
Improving on Suchong's Work by Gil Alexander
Just past where the trap rivets were deployed, make you tight 180 to the
left and continue up a few steps. In this little office, to the back in
the top drawer of a filing cabinet is the Diary.
Go into and through the next room to get to the train station. Just down the
stairs is one splicer. Kill him, grab any trap rivets left and hit the button
on the wall by the windows to your right. After the cut scene, you'll need to
fend off a decent sized group of splicers. So go into the next room and hack
the camera on the wall to the left. There's also a health station (which you
should probably hack so they can't heal) immediately to your left through the
door. If you need anything else there's also a vending machine here.
The Situation by Brigid Tenenbaum
In the middle of the station is an island with wooden benches on either
side. The diary is on the side furthest from the train all the way at the
end of the bench.
When you're ready, climb on the train and pull the lever.
Ryan's Amusements       xxRAxx
Get off the train and check around the station if you'd like. When you're
ready, just head out of the station through the door to the south. Go up the
stairs, check to the right for some goodies and then continue up through the
door ahead.
Eleanor's Progress by Sofia Lamb
Look right in front of you. it's on the box by the candles.
Go left and then through the door on your righ into a big room. There's only
one splicer in here. Kill him and head to the ticket counter on your left.
Go through the door on the right side of the ticket counter. There's a decent
amount of cash in this room, then leave through the door in the back of the
area. Down the hall and you'll see a Power to the People Station where you can
upgrade any one weapon, one time. My suggest that you take the Drill Damage
Increase. Continue down the hall.
The Old Sheepdog by Carlson Fiddle
This is another diary you can't miss. You'll exit the hall into a room
with a desk right in front of you and the diary is on the desk.
Hack the door control through the window and then go through the door it
opens. Round the corners and at the end is a desk with a golden glowing ticket
on it. Grab the ticket and head back the way you came. In the hallway just
after the Power to the People station will be a splicer. Kill the splicer and
take the Machine Gun from the window case.
Move back through the ticket counter back room but beware, there are roughly 5
splicers (mostly leadheads) in the big room waiting for you. Dispose of them,
using the back room as a staging/cover area. Once done with them, proceed to
the glowing Ticket Verification Machine.
Go through the door and grab the sports boost tonic on the table. Then go left
into the park. Go around and then across the bridge.
Volunteer by Nina Carnegie
On the bridge in the top middle of the museum. It's sitting under the
Continue to the right and into the gift shop. Beware, there's a few splicers
in here.
Cutting Corners by Silas Bantam
In the gift shop, go up the stairs and all the way right and behind the
counter in a box filled with straw in the corner should be the diary.
This will spawn two leadhead splicers.
Go down the stairs towards the back of the gift shop and explore the bathroom
to the right.
Rapture is Deliverance by Sofia Lamb
use your electrobolt to zap the switch for the door in the basement of the
gift shop before heading back upstairs. In the bathroom, right under the
giant picture of Sofia Lamb is the diary.
Come back out of the gift shop and take right. Go around the corner but watch
for a splicer. Proceed through the door and grab the Drill Power Tonic.
Dog Eaters by Eleanor Lamb
It's right next to the Drill tonic. Literally
There's a door at the end of the hallway, go through it. It's time for your
first Big Daddy fight.
First, don't worry. The Big Daddy won't attack you unless you attack it first.
This does however include any traps you set that it may stumble upon
accidentally. Now survey the area and figure out where you want to lay traps,
where you want to lead the Big Daddy and any other tactical advantages you may
be able to use.
Make sure you save it at this point as well. While you will probably succeed
(unless you have vita chambers off in which case saving is doubly important)
you may still not like the outcome of the fight in terms of what you have for
This is my recommendation. While it may sound stupid, use your Drill. Get up
close to him and drill him. Try to keep circling him while you drill him. If
you run out of fuel, start shooting him with whatever you've got (Heavy Rivets
work very well). Try to lure him over the pool of water in the middle and zap
the water. If you wanted to, you could have set out trap rivets too and you
should of course have hacked the bot as soon as you walked in the room.
Really this is all up to you, you'll figure out your own style for dealing
with Big Daddies. And remember that you've got that save if you don't like how
things turn out.
"Child" and Guardian by Mark Meltzer
If you stand by the bar and look across the water you will see a little
alcove. If you go into it and turn around, it'll be against the dividing
wall on a shelf.
Now that you've taken down your first Big Daddy, adopt the little sister. Hold
the (X) button and you can just follow the white line all the way to a corpse
to harvest. Do so now and follow it to the corpse.
Once you get to the corpse, make sure you set out trap rivets. You *could*
make a circle around the corpse with the rivets but I would recommend stacking
the rivets by entry ways into the room. For instance put a couple of rows in
front of the door right next to the corpse. Line the wall along each set of
stairs with rivets. Buy any supplies you need from the vending machines and
get ready. Set the little sister on the corpse. They won't do harm to her if
they reach her but they will prevent her from doing her work which means
you'll have to deal with more splicers. Eventually the door next to the corpse
will blast open and a couple of leadhead splicers will come through. Soon she
should be finished so go over to her and pick her up again. You have survived
your first gathering.
In case you were wondering where all the splicer bodies went, the game turns
most of the bodies in to little metal boxes with loot so it can save space not
having to render the graphics for all of those bodies (and so you don't have
to deal with the mess).
Go through the door that was just blown open. You'll see a desk with a robotic
Andrew Ryan behind it. Jump up onto the stage and behind the filing cabinets
on the left is a golf club. Pick the club up with Telekinesis and hit Andrew
Ryan with it to get a Secret Achievement.
Continue past the desk of Andrew Ryan and look over the railing. Across the
gap, roughly level to you will be a leadhead splicer who may shoot at you.
She'll eventually disappear or you can try and kill her, which is difficult at
this range. Go down the stairs and you'll be attacked by a few splicers.
You, Me, and 1959 by Nina Carnegie
Proceed as if you are going to leave the room by going up the tracks but
when you reach about half way up the room, go left and there will be
a doorway that will lead you under the stairs you just came from. On the
desk is a suitcase and the diary is in there.
Leave the room by following the tracks but go slowly because a giant rolling
ball will come down the hill. Once that's past, deal with the splicers on the
other side. Let the Little Sister guide you to the next body and deal with any
splicers along the way.
When you get to the room, I recommend remote hacking the turret in the middle
which will kill the splicer that's working on it. Once you've done that, go to
hack the health station. If you don't have 2 security bots with you, fail the
hack on a red patch and then wait for the bots to appear. Quickly flip the
shutdown switch (which is right next to the health station). When you have
your two bots set up, hack the health station. Set up some trap rivets by the
entrances. There's an ammo vendor if you need it in this room.
Escape Plan by Carlson Fiddle
Before you make a mess, not far from the turret that you hacked is the
corpse that you're going to harvest. Next to it's head is the Diary.
Start harvesting and good luck. This is a pretty easy harvest but don't let
your guard down or they will get you. Once you have all those splicers out
of the way, pick up your sister and walk back out of the room in the direction
you came in (also the same way the turret is facing). take a right.
Lamb the Problem, Sinclair the Solution by Andrew Ryan
follow the tracks and on the left you'll see "Conformity & Co." and just
out of the water on the floor are some boxes and the diary is on top. This
is visible from the tracks.
Continue down the tracks.
Truth is in the Body by Sofia Lamb
There will be a courthouse on the corner. Round the corner and continue
strait through the hole in the wall. Follow the simple path up the stairs
and over a porch. You'll find a workshop and on a table to your left will
be the diary.
Follow the arrow along the tracks and you'll pass a health station (which you
should hack) and go into a mannequin workshop. Make your way to the back of
the workshop and down the stairs setting a small amount of traps upstairs as
you go. Follow the linear hallway to the end with a vent. Walk up to the vent
and now you have to choose if you want to rescue or harvest your sister.
If you harvest her, you will get a substantial amount of adam (roughly 160)
but the little sister will be killed in the process. By the end of the game
you this method will bring you 3360 adam from the sisters.
If you rescue her, you will recieve a smaller amount of adam (roughly 80) but
she'll become a regular little girl again, devoid of adam. If you choose this
path then you will recieve a gift after rescuing four little sisters and then
again after rescuing eight which will consist of items, extra adam and the
Proud Parent and Damanding Father tonics. By the end of the game you will
gain 3080 adam between the sisters and their gifts.
In the end, if you rescue the little sisters. you only lose out on about 280
adam total and get two tonics. Of course you can rescue sisters until you have
the tonic(s) that you want and then harvest the rest and meet somewhere in the
Anyway, after you've made your choice, return back out to the track and take a
left. Follow the track until you can't any more. You should be in front of the
family exhibit.
Deterioration by Nina Carnigie
Walk into the family exhibit and take the door way out to the right. Walk
up to the hand on the right, jump on the box next to it and then jump on
to the hand. Walk up the arm to the platform and take right. Keep going
and you'll see a body laying next to candles and a the diary should be to
her left.
From the family exhibit, go out the door to the left. It may be hard to notice
but the floor is flooded in this room. Zap it to kill the splicer. Make sure
you use Power to the People station. I'd get the Drill Fuel efficiency upgrade
Working for Sinclair by Stanley Poole
In this same room there is a little alcove off to the right of the Power
to the People machine with a vending machine. The Diary is just to the
right of the news paper dispenser tucked into the garbage.
Come out of the room and head to the right, around a couple of corners and
you'll hear a splicer and see a security camera. Hack the camera and deal with
the splicer (if he isn't already dealt with).
Doctor Lamb by Mike Novak
Walk under your newly hacked Security Camera and turn left. You'll see a
doorway with a wooden pallet blocking the way. Break the wood and the
diary will be sitting comfortably against the wall on the mattress.
Pass the last Andrew Ryan desk (the robot has been hung and torn to pieces).
Efficacy by Andrew Ryan
After Ryan's last desk you'll see a lighthouse on the right and a doorway
on the left. go through the door way and the diary will be in the top
drawer of a fallen filing cabinet.
Continue down the hallway across from the lighthouse, flip the switch and go
through the door to arrive at the first Ryan's desk (with the golf club).
Turn right and go back down the stairs and across from the stairs will be a
door that was originally closed. Go through it and collect the "Booze Hound"
Dating Tip by Devin LeMaster
On a bookshelf just behind the room with the Booze Hound tonic.
Go back up the stairs and into the museum and up the stairs to your right.
Turn around and follow the walkway and on the left will be the Hall of the
Future. Go up the stairs and through the door. You'll see a couple of
splicers and a turret. Hack the turret with your remote hacker and just
wait around the corner for it to kill the splicers.
Go down the stairs past the turret and take a right through the door. Keep
following the hallway and around the corner into a room with a Vita Chamber
and a giant Plasmids sign.
A Father's Love by Gil Alexander
This diary is just to the left of the stairs up to the Vita Chamber in
a crate.
Follow the arrow around the corner to the Gatherer's Garden. Here you can
exchange adam for plasmids, tonics, and slots for both. Buy the Incinerate
Plasmid and the max Health increase. The Eve Link tonic is optional.
Now that you've purchased your plasmid, head back out but be careful. You'll
see the couple sitting next to the fireplace and then a group of mannequins
standing around a desk. One of them is a splicer who is going to jump out on
you but you can get the jump on him. Put your reticle over each one. It'll
turn red if it lands on a splicer. Then use your new plasmid.
Keep going out. If you'd like, you can use Incinerate to explore the frozen
room on the left. Continue on into the turret room and down the end.
Yes... you heard that right. Yes, it's what you think it is. Yes, you should
probably buy some supplies at that vending machine. I recommend you stock up
on essentials and I definitely think Drill Fuel is a good idea.
It's time to fight a Big Sister. There are multiple ways to tackle her.
Start off by getting behind the pillar just outside the door so you have a
chance to get your bearings.
For plasmids you can use electrobolt to zap her, incinerate to torch her
(there's also an oil slick near the middle of the bridge), or you can use
telekinesis to both catch what she throws at you and throw it back. I would
use Telekinesis.
As for your weapon of choice, I recommend you start out with heavy rivets if
you have them, regular if you don't. While's she's at a distance, shoot her
and use your plasmids, keeping near the pillar for cover. Eventually she'll
close the gap. You can either run away and find more cover and play a long
range game or you can take out your drill and drill her. I recommend the
latter. Drill her and dance around her. Use Kits as needed. When you run out,
return to the long range game if she's not already dead. Congratulations on
taking out a Big Sister.
Once you've collected yourself and whatever else you'd like, continue back
towards the train station and out of the Museum. Stroll back across the Park
Disappeared by Grace Halloway
Just before you leave the Park Entrance entirely, there'll some water
next to the vending machine. Melt the ice in the pool of water and collect
the diary that was stuck there.
Feel free to fill up on anything you might be short on after your recent fight
and then leave the Park Entrance and head back to the train. Head up past the
train and melt the Ice blocking the tracks. Go back to the operators booth and
flip the switch to unlock the door. Splicers will attack, take care of them
and then run into the room (to the south) the Sinclair just came out of.
Wooden Nickels by Augustus Sinclair
This will be in the back of the room the Sinclair came out of. Should be
visible from the door.
After you've cleared the room, make sure that you have anything you want from
Ryan's Amusements because you won't be able to return and then get on the
train and flip the switch to move on.
Pauper's Drop     xxPDxx
Welcome to Pauper's Drop. Yes, he's very big and very nasty.
Once off the train, take a look around. Make sure to check to the right to
find a healing station and (more importantly) a bot shutdown panel. Fail to
hack the Healing Station, then shut the bots down and hack them. Once you're
done with all your hacking and searching around the train, follow the arrow
to the door. Hack the control panel to be let in.
Walk in, past the Gene Therapy station and into the next room. There are
three splicers in this room that have no idea that you're here. Try to use
this to your advantage as much as you can. Once dealt with, move on to the
next room.
Walk around the Diner to the right, slowly, and be careful not to offend the
big daddy. The back right corner of the Diner (outside) has a security camera.
Hack it.
Ryan vs Lamb: Religious Rights by Sofia Lamb
In the far right back corner of the plaza is the Flower Emporium. go in
through the door and on a cabinet is the diary.
Continue around the diner and up the stairs to the roof. Round the corner
slowly because there's a turret up here. Hack the turret and cross the bridge
over to the top of the Flower Emporium
Better Times with Lamb by Grace Halloway
behind the billboard on the floor, next to a crate, you'll find the diary.
Also on top of the Flower Emporium you'll find the Hacker's Delight Tonic,
which heals you when you successfully hack something.
At this point I would recommend taking down the Rosie in the area and
aquiring yourself a new little sister. Unlike the first Big Daddy, not all
of them will always have a little sister. Make sure there's a little sister
with the big daddy before you attack him. Even more so than the last Big Daddy
I recommend making this fight close and personal because of the Rosie's
preference to ranged combat. If you've managed to find the Adam for it,
Winter Blast is very effective on Big Daddies.
Once you work over the Big Daddy, grab yourself some Adam. The first corpse
is in this area. Set up some trap rivets and drop your sister for some Adam.
Just draw lines outward to the wall from the little hut next to the corpse.
Now that you have that done, feel free to grab something from the Gatherer's
Garden if you like. Now head over to Sinclair's Deluxe Hotel. Go through the
door, pick either path and then go through the door on the other side. Once
you go down the hall a little bit you'll run into the Brute Splice who will
block your path. Explore the area for some goods and, if need be, some bots.
There's also a Drill Fuel station. Refill for free.
Wrong Side of the Tracks by Augustus Sinclair
In the office on the same side of the hall as the refuelling station, walk
over to the desk on the left as you enter and the Diary is on top.
Head back towards the FishBowl Diner and head left towards the Gatherer's
Garden. Continue down the hall a little ways and you'll see a healing station
on your right. Then you'll see a Brute Splicer. Hurry and hack the Healing
Station, then drill that Brute Splicer. Use Telekinesis to catch and throw
things back at him or the other plasmids to stun him for easy pickings.
The End of the Line by Prentice Mill
Look directly at the healing station. Now do a 180. Walk all the way to
the corner where there's a makeshift shrine. the Diary is on top of the
Clinic Code at the Fishbowl by Tobias Riefers
Walk over to the front door of Fontain Clincs. It's beside the door,
leaning against the wall under the code entry panel.
Go over to Fontain Clinics and use the code 0047 to open the front door. Go
up the stairs but be careful because a flaming drum will come down them. Kill
the splicer. Just around the corner will be a security camera. If you time it
right then you can run under it and hack it without using a dart. Go out the
room to the left. Be Careful, dead ahead is a turret. Use a hacking dart and
once that's hacked, run over to it. Just next to it on your right will be a
hole in the roof of the pawn shop. Drop in and grab the research camera.
The Research Camera is simple. Select it as your weapon before you start
a fight. Aim at an enemy (this includes Big Daddies and Big Sisters but not
Little Sisters) and pull the trigger. After you pull the trigger, you will
automatically switch back to your previous weapon and the camera will record
your fight. During the fight try to use as many different types of attacks as
you can to get more points. Go between plasmids and weapons. Use different
plasmids and weapons and you'll finish your research quickly.
You want to research everything you can. After you do so much research on a
type of splicer, you'll get a gift. Each Splicer type will give you four
different gifts. You can see which in your information menu. Hit the back
button and then scroll to the last menu on the right.
Now that you have the camera, you'll see a Splicer. Start recording on him
and he'll break into the pawn shop. Kill him and you'll recieve your first
bonus from your camera.
Go outside and back into Fontain Clinics. head up the stairs and strait out
the door in front of you. Follow the makeshift platform around to the window
to let you into the building. Take a right, use the Power to the People and
then head up the stairs. Take the door on your right and grab the "Shorten
Alarms" tonic on the filing cabinet.