7 PUBG Tips for the Miramar Map

7 PUBG Tips for the Miramar Map

Miramar is one of the largest maps in PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) along with Enragel. This map is a desolate and barren desert landscape that includes deserted towns alongside towering canyons. It’s something of a sandy wonderland with plenty of interesting regions to explore. Here are some PUBG tips for Miramar that will give you a better of chance of surviving longer and maybe even scooping the chicken dinner on that map.

1. Grab a Vehicle

As Miramar is one of the biggest maps in PUBG, vehicles are more important in it than the likes of the smaller Sanhook. Vehicles will enable you to cover the map’s greater distances more quickly, which reduces the chances of you getting shot at when out in the open. Even if somebody does open fire when you’re in a vehicle, you can quickly ride away out of their sight. Some players won’t even bother firing at well protected vehicles when they see them. Furthermore, vehicles are all the more essential when you’re outside the safezone with the playzone closing on you.

7 PUBG Tips for the Miramar Map

A Buggy on the Miramar map.

The Buggy vehicle is ideal for Miramar’s bumpy terrain, but it’s also lightly armored. Thus, some players might prefer Miramar’s Pickup Truck that provides better protection from gunfire. Remember that vehicles can run out of petrol, so it might be a good idea to occasionally switch to alternative vehicles with more fuel when you can.

2. Move Along and Up Elevated Terrain

Miramar is a sniper’s paradise filled with elevated mountainous terrain. Furthermore, the map has somewhat limited natural camouflage (long grass and bushes) and cover (in the form of trees) for players when they come under fire. Try to move along the map’s elevated terrain as much as possible where you’ll less likely be spotted by other players (and snipers especially).

Moving across the elevated terrain will also give you a better view of the surrounding landscapes. Then you’ll probably spot more players on lower ground before they spot you, which will give you a chance of blowing them off the map with a long-range gun.

7 PUBG Tips for the Miramar Map

A view from elevated terrain on Miramar.

3. Pick Up a Gun With Good Range

The canyons and mountains of Miramar make it the most ideal PUBG map for long-range shooting. Sniper rifles are the most preferable in that respect, but they’re not especially easy to come by. If you can’t find a sniper gun, long-range assault rifles such as the AKM and MI6A4 are decent enough alternatives. Failing that, even a long-range submachine gun such as the UMP9, which you can attach a good amount of scope to, will be sufficient.

4. Keep an Eye on the Playzone

The playzone is where players have to remain during the game to avoid getting killed off by the shrinking Blue Zone. As Miramar is a big map, it’s all the more essential to keep an eye on the playzone to make sure that you’re not too far from the safe zone. Furthermore, the playzone has a quicker shrink rate than the one on Sanhook, so make sure you check the map soon after parachuting down to see how far you are from the safezone.

If you find yourself a long way outside the white circle, don’t spend too much time stocking up on gear around the point you land. Grab a couple of guns and a bit of ammo and head for the safezone quickly to ensure you don’t get caught up in any desperate race with a shrinking Blue Zone to reach the white circle.

7 PUBG Tips for the Miramar Map

The Miramar map and a safe zone.

5. Stay Away From the Biggest Towns

El Pozo, Los Leones, and San Martin are the biggest towns on Mirmar’s map. Although they include loads of gear, those towns also attract lots of players. So, you can usually expect to get caught up in some intense firefights in Miramar’s biggest towns. You can avoid being among their casualties by not moving into El Pozo, Los Leones, and San Martin unless you absolutely have to when the playzone closes in on them.

If you really must go into an urbanized region to stock up on gear, head toward one of the map’s smaller towns. For example, Impala is a smaller town that doesn’t get so crowded as more players head toward nearby Los Leones. The Valle Del Mar on the south side of the map is also worth noting when it’s not too far away from the safe zone.

6. It’s Good to Camp!

As Miramar has limited natural cover and camouflage, buildings are more important on that map. Thus, it’s better to stay in and around buildings for longer on Miramar as they provide the best cover. Camping out in buildings, in which you wait for hostiles to enter your line of sight (through windows), is a more important tactic on Miramar. Some snipers might prefer to camp out at the top of buildings, towers, or even mountains, from which they can see more. Stock up on a good amount of ammo and med kits and then head for a building, preferably out of town, roughly in the center of the safe zone. Then you can camp out there until the building falls outside the safe zone.

7 PUBG Tips for the Miramar Map

A player looking for hostiles from building.

7. Be Careful of Steep Drops

Finally, take care when moving down mountains and elevated terrain on Miramar. There can be some very steep drops along the highest elevated terrain. Players can lose a lot health if they fall down steep drops along the elevated terrain.

Those PUBG tips for Miramar will give you more chance of surviving longer on that map to rack up higher scores and climb the game’s rankings quicker. Good luck, but you won’t need so much luck now!