Your Future Digital Fingerprint:


If you are creating the user names and passwords that you use on many sites that require succession, especially on social networks, which increase every day, you are tired of having to remember them separately. Here is probably a system that will completely eliminate this problem from now on.

It is a fact that the boundaries between virtual and real lives are gradually disappearing. The best example of this in the last period was the implementation of location-based applications and establishing a fundamental bridge between real and virtual. Regarding the identities we have created in the virtual environment, a brand new application developed under the name has begun to officially verify the identities in the digital environment. This means that everyone will now have an official digital identity valid only on the Internet.

Just as it is not possible to travel from one country to another without your passport in real life, or if it is not legally possible to drive a car without your driving license, online identification will be done first to browse the internet, for example, social networks. Until today, we have been carrying out many virtual activities with different user names and passwords, from trading on the net to becoming a member to various forums and browsing social networks. One of the drawbacks of this situation that almost all of us have experienced was the constant need to remember many usernames and passwords.

According to founder David Gordon, the aim in this application is to introduce a mechanism with a high level of authentication. The main issue here is not only a matter of username and password, but an official social source of information. can work integrated with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Turkey is still very new and not used in this application to users when registering over SSL secure a name, address, last four digits of your social security number, birthday, they are entering information such as mobile phone number. This information is then matched against official data of individuals.

However, is currently a paid app. Each user receives a URL containing verified information for $ 4.95 per year. In short, is basically a digital identification platform. Although the beta version is being used yet, it seems that in the future, it will be possible to develop a kind of digital fingerprint by further development with the addition of different applications.

Updated: BThe service is only available in the USA as of the moment that this article is published. Although the standard service is completely free, if you want to get a URL that you set instead of the automatic URL, you will be charged.

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