You can Turn Your Standard Facebook Profiles into Pages!


According to Inside Facebook, Facebook has released a migration tool so that users can turn their personal profiles into a commercial page. It is the first time that Facebook tries something like this, to ensure that those who create the wrong profile initially move to a more corporate page structure.

Profiles that become commercial pages lose most of their data. Only the profile pictures and your friends list on your personal page are moved to your new page. Other contents cannot be moved. It was thought that such an application would be appropriate in order for the page conversion process not to become a game tool.

You can reach the transport vehicle here: to

Apart from this, Facebook is for users to benefit.information sheetCreated.

The main reason why profiles are turned into pages is that the pages offer stronger features in terms of organization, brand, trade, public figure. Anyway, creating a profile for everything except one person means a violation of the rule. Regarding this, Facebook stated that there is a risk of deleting the profiles of organizations that violate this rule in the “help” tab. Apart from this, it is not allowed to run ads on your profile, but there is no obstacle on your commercial page!

Source: TNW