Would You Like to Connect to Facebook From Your Gmail Account?


Getting to Facebook is getting easier every day. Facebook is always at hand with many new software and applications prepared by the products for social network. Now, this ‘ease of access’ of Facebook also applies to Gmail. You can easily access your Facebook profile from your Gmail email screen by following the steps we will explain below.

If you use Gmail and Facebook continuously throughout the day, you can access the convenience of following both from the same window with this application.

– After logging into your Gmail account, press the “Settings” button in the top right corner. Click on “Labs” from the menu at the top. In the “Add all gadgets by URL” section, check “Enable” and exit the page by clicking “Save Changes”.

In the Again Settings section, press the “Gadgets” button and paste the following link into the “Add a gadget to the URL” section:


After adding -URL, you will see the Facebook icon on the left side of your Gmail homepage. You can now access your Facebook profile with your Gmail account using this icon.