Worse and Funny Domain Names : Best of the Worse

Name of a website is first and most crucial factor for anyone getting online. There are few tips which you should always keep in mind while selecting a domain name for your business or for your new website. You never know when you get lucky to grab a domain name which can mint out million of dollars like these expensive domain names.

There are times when people make blunders, and despite of grabbing a nice domain name, it ended up being funny or make more than one sense with the name. Here I’m sharing a collection of funny domain names, which will not only make you laugh, but will ensure that you never end up making such blunder, when buying a domain name. Do remember, most of these below mentioned domain names are being used on legit business websites, so this will give you another reason to giggle today.

Silly Website Names to laugh out loud:

Therapistlocator.Net : Therapist finder or The Rapist finder? : IT scrap or It’s crap? : I’m sure they meant Pen only… : Therapist in a Box Winters Express :

And now let’s get on with out list of funny domain names without website images. I’m sure you can use your smart brain and make sense out of the website name:

  • : Website name of an education institute.
  • I’m sure they trying to focus on mp3sHits
  • : Speed of Art
  • : Dickson data
  • : Kids Ex-Change
  • Ben Dover
  • : La Drape!
  • Hire at Ease
  • Matser bait & tackle
  • : NY Canals

These are some of the working websites with funny domain names. If you know of more such websites with funny name, let me know via comments. Don’t forget to share this worse website names list with your friends on Facebook and Google plus.