Working List of Temporary Email Services

Disposable email

Emails are one thing which I check every day and being an online user, many time I have to sign up for many forums or Email newsletter to download stuff. Though, this one time sign up always turns out to be someone trying to sell me something later. I have nothing against it, but I want to make sure I keep me Email inbox clean and see only important Emails. Let me introduce to temporary Email services which will let you create temp Email accounts which will self-destruct within some time.

The idea of using self-destruct Email id is to sign up for those forums which require login to view or download stuff which requires one-time installation. Here is a bad ass idea, which works for me is keep using the premium features of software’s which offer 15-30 days complete trial.

When we register anywhere, the biggest problem which we get is lots of emails and newsletter, and at the end of the day, we have to count them as spam so that all mails goes directly to the spam box.

Anyways, the choice is yours if you need to use your real Email address or this destructible one. In case, if you want to use your real Email address and using Gmail, you can put extra alpha numeric Id after +, for example, if your email is [email protected] you can make it [email protected] and email will be delivered to your email ID only. Now, you can use [email protected] to sign up for those one-time registration services and you can set filters in Gmail to directly trash Email coming to your [email protected] Id.

Anyways, lets back to the topic and let’s find some kick-ass web services which you can bookmark and use it at the time of need.

Websites Offering Free Temporary Email Services:

10-minute mail:

Provide you email address for 10 minutes and then you can borrow ten more minutes if you still need some extra time. <Link>


Here you will get a temporary email address for 20 minutes and which also works as Forwarding Email. Though this service is free but you need to sign up for an account to use it. <Link>

Another web mail service but here you can select your own desire name as username for your temp Email. <Link>

Mytrashmail offers 3 different email extension that you can use as part of your email address. They also pro feature which Enables email forwarding feature. <Link>

Guerrillamail :

One of my favorite and I love it because its domain name doesn’t look like a spam email address. Moment you open Guerrillamail, you will be assigned a temporary Email address and it will auto check for new Emails in every 10 sec, so you need not need to refresh your page or do anything. Your Email address will self-expire in 1 Hr. <Link>


At Haltospam you can select the days for your spam inbox between 1 to 7 days. Good for those who need a disposable email address for more then a day. <Link>


The life span varies from 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week and 1 month. Depend on your requirement. Though for some reason, this Email service was not working, but you can try and let us know if it’s working for you or not. <Link>

Well, depending upon your requirement, you can use any of these services, but my fav in the above list are 10miutesemail and Guerrillamail. Do let us know if you have known more such temporary Email services?

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