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Contact form 7 is one of the top contact form WordPress plugins in the market. This can also be used to build forms and there are many integrations available in the market.

Any Blog, Website or service is incomplete without a contact page. A contact page is basically, where your readers/advertisers/media can use to contact you.

When it comes to WordPress, there are many contact form WordPress plugins out there and one of the most simple and smart ones is, Contact Form 7 WordPress plugin.

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This is the simplest plugin to get started and once you install it, after that its easy to configure it.

WordPress contact form  7 plugin, comes with multiple contact form options and you can add an additional field, for example, if you need to get phone number of the sender, you can add another field into your form easily.

WP Contact form 7 Plugin features :

  • Multiple contact form
  • Spam prevention
  • Bot prevention with a CAPTCHA
  • Customization enabled

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How to set up Contact Form 7 WordPress plugin:

Go to the WordPress plugins folder and install contact form 7 WordPress plugin. If you are new to WordPress plugins, read my guide on How to install WordPress Plugin.


Once you are done installing  and activating the plugin, go to Contact Form 7 settings by clicking on the left-hand side:

There is already one ready to use shortcode that you can paste on a page or post on WordPress to show the contact form.

However, if you like to customize your contact form, click on add new and start building your form:

If you are creating multiple contact form, you can specify different Emails for delivery. This is useful for those services, who have emailed intended for a different department.

In case, if you run a popular blog and get lots of spam, using generate tag feature, you can add captcha into your contact forms. You need to install a simple captcha plugin to enable Contact form 7 captcha feature.  To show the contact form, you need to add the following codes: This may differ depending upon your form no.

[contact-form 1 "Contact form 1"]

There is a conditional form for contact form7 addon which is free and adds a lot of value to this plugin. You should definitely check that out here.

After using Contact form 7 for a year I moved to WP Forms, which is also similar to this WP plugin but is very simple to use. So for example, if a sender, came to your site via a search engine, you will see all the pages they have browsed before contacting you.

Download plugin

Do let us know which contact form WordPress plugin are you using on your blog? Do you use Contact form 7 or any other plugin?

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