Wikileaks is no longer just a site, but also a lifestyle


Although Wikileaks is an anti-institutional organization, it has to pay its bills like everyone else. Finally, the British Criminal Court – the court can appeal within seven days- He decided to return Assange to Sweden. So, what do those who want to support Assange’s legal defense or just show an example of solidarity do? Wikileaks is purchasing from “Wikileaks branded” products, which it provides online shopping recently!

Would you like to have your Wikileaks postman bag watching videos of an invader helicopter going to operation in Baghdad while it was dropped by insurgents and leaked to the press? Or would you like to have a blue Jersey scarf while reading the news about the hacktivist group formed by Wikileaks supporters? In short, while there were significant developments since Wikileaks appeared, would you like to have something about Wikileaks?

It is necessary to understand the truth well. Wikileaks is not just an innovation, non-profit organization that leaks information from safe and independent sources worldwide. Now it is also a brand. It should not be identified only with the possibility of online shopping. The main reason is that its competitors and those who imitated it appeared quite late. E.g ‘According to The Chronicle of Higher Education As the higher education special version of Wikileaks, it is called ‘UniLeaks’. UniLeaks, run by Australian activists, pushes to be open and transparent in what he sees.

Let’s see when UniLeaks, following Wikileaks, will open its own store. As you know, university t-shirts are sold everywhere.