Why do incoming mails fall into spam?


Why do incoming mails fall into spam?

Email services use many mail filter infrastructures. These filters distinguish between regular mailing mails and advertising mails. It determines whether the incoming message is important or insignificant. An accurate and effectiveMail Marketing For the strategy, content suitable for these filters should be prepared and submissions should be made using appropriate infrastructures.

So how and how do these filters perform these determinations?
First of all, they check the server IP of the sending mail. If this IP has been caught in a spam trap before, it checks it. It then looks at the senderscore property of the sender IP address. In other words, how much of his submissions can reach real, employee e-mail addresses and controls this. In addition to these operations, the domain name used as the sender matches the server used as the sender, SPF recordinglooks at. (This process is mainly done by common ISP mail services such as gmail, hotmail etc.)

The importance of sent mail content
The recipient mail service checks the content of the mail sent along with all these checks we have mentioned. It checks the mail content from the spam word list it has created. These checks also include the words contained in the content, the sender email address, the IP address, and the spam markings that the recipients rate. Consisting of pictures only mass mailing it is much easier to perceive as advertising content. It is important to use text and pictures in proportional distribution. It will also detect that there is an announcement message sent to the subscriber by checking the unsubscribe link in the mail.

spam fall reasons it may be one or more of the following.

1. There is no unsubscribe link and signature information in the sent message

4. Submitting content consisting only of pictures

5. Using content and format that are not supported by Flash etc. emails

6. HTML format is not done properly (Large character usage, color content usage)

7. Using ISP mails like Gmail or hotmail for the sender email

8. The sender sends itself to another email on the same server. (such as from info@abc.com to ahmet@abc.com)

9. Senders’ message spam mark as

10. There are malfunctioning emails that we call 5% or more hardbounce in the emails sent.

11th.spam sending to trap (spamtrap) mailer

12. The POP3 mail address used as the sender does not have an SPF record of the sending server (especially if sending to gmail and hotmail group mail addresses)