Why Bloggers Share their Income Report and Why you Should too

How many times have you come across posts where a blogger talks about his income from blogging and shares his income stats?

When I started sharing my income report initially, I got many mixed reactions from regular and first time visitors. Some people find it motivating, others consider it “showing off” or bragging, and some people believe it’s misleading.

I have not written about this topic before today, but after four years of blogging, I believe it’s time to clear the air and share my perspective on sharing income reports publicly.

Why sharing a blog’s income report is helpful to yourself and others:

There is no denying the fact that money is one of the biggest motivational factors in every aspect of life. If you ask people what they want to do or become in life, a majority will answer that they want to be involved in a profession that brings maximum recognition, respect and financial compensation. This is true because money is needed to buy most of our necessities and luxuries in life.

Blogging as a potential career option:

Blogging is a relatively new career option, and it is not a field in which one can gain certification or a degree. It is, however, a job which anyone from any age group anywhere in the world can pursue.

These days many people have blogs on one of the free blogging platforms available, and they blog for personal interest, communication, or because they have a passion for writing.  What many of these bloggers don’t yet realize is that blogging can bring recognition, fame and (for some) a very good income.

A new source of blog monetization:

There are thousands if not millions of bloggers out there who are still unaware of different ways to monetize a blog. Most budding bloggers think AdSense is the only way to make money from their blog. But there are many more lucrative ways to create income from blogging such as sponsored reviews, affiliate marketing, CPM ads, etc.

When I see a blogger’s income report, I often learn new methods that I can explore to add to my own blogging income.

The motivation for readers and self-motivation:

When I started blogging, I stumbled upon the income reports of a few bloggers, and that helped me to understand the true monetary potential of blogging. I believed in “If They Can Do It, I Can Do It“, and with that mindset I managed to cross the blogging income milestone of $6000 per month.

Publishing my income report also serves as a self-motivation mechanism for me. It helped me to raise my goal with every milestone I crossed and reported.

Check out the complete archive of my income reports and compare my first income report with the latest one, and you will see the growth for yourself.

Comments are helpful:

There is no doubt that full-time bloggers can make money from their blogs.  And whether the income has been earned through AdSense ads, affiliate marketing or any other method, sharing one’s blog income report adds more transparency to the blog. Indeed, whenever I have shared my income report, many regular readers like you have commented suggesting new potential income streams such as an eBook or a new affiliate product and so on. Many readers have messaged me on Facebook and informed me of a few high-converting products.  All of this has been extremely helpful.

In the end, sharing a blog’s earning summary helps to create a better relationship between a blogger and his regular readers.

Some people may think that blog income reports are misleading or may not be genuine, and it is not our job to convince them of anything.  All we can do is honestly and openly report accurate income stats and hope that it may inspire even one other blogger to reach for his own success.

I would love to know a few things from you:

  • Do you find viewing blogging income reports useful and motivating?
  • Do you publish your own income reports on your blog? If not, why not?
  • Has another blogger’s published earnings report helped you to grow your blog?

Do share your opinions, and consider sharing this article on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.