Why Bloggers Drink and How To Avoid Drinking

Drinking (especially drinking to excess) is without question unhealthy. But in today’s world, it’s often hard to avoid drinking, especially when times are tough.

As bloggers, we’re often facing hard, stressful times. To cope, many bloggers turn to alcohol.

Blogging is a slow and steady process in which we spend 5 to 15 hours in front of a computer every day. While we probably enjoy all that time spent online, it can very easily become draining.

Drinking is one way of dealing with this stress.

Drunk Blogger

Bloggers are not typically known for taking care of their health. Because they’re so independent and passionate, many bloggers turn to bad habits like doing drugs, smoking, excessive eating, and the most common, drinking alcohol.

This self-medication helps us relax, but it is also very, very bad for our bodies and minds.

Now, before I start talking about how to avoid drinking, it should be said that if you are not drinking excessively and you feel that drinking is not causing you harm, then that’s great. But I would advise you to analyze why you feel like drinking in the first place…

Why Bloggers Indulge

Much of the blogging life is spent alone. We spend a lot of time on the internet, and we have very little time left over for our friends and family.

This isolated life tends to give rise to some bad habits.

But humans are social creatures.

When we feel isolated from others, we feel discontented. That discontent makes us reach for whatever will make us feel better in the moment.

So as we sit and stare at a computer screen, we indulge.

5 Steps To Avoid Drinking

If you are really habituated to drinking, it may not be possible to completely stop without the help of a professional. But there are still some things you can do to minimize the addiction and begin to live an alcohol-free life.

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1. Don’t Store Alcohol At Home

When alcohol is constantly available, you know you have the opportunity to get it whenever you want.

Start by taking it out of your house (and home office). This way, you won’t just be able to get up and get it whenever you want. You would have to go outside, go to the store, and purchase it.

While it’s not difficult to go to the store, it’s an additional step that you would have to take. That’s time that could be spent being a productive blogger!

Simply by keeping alcohol outside of your house, you’ll be able to cut down significantly.

2. Go To The Pub

If you really do need to drink, again, go outside and do it. Don’t do it at home.

While you’re not going to stop drinking at a bar, it will help you cut down. Bars are typically more expensive, they’re only open during certain hours, they’re further away than your refrigerator, and you can’t be productive when you’re sitting at a bar.

But because you can’t be productive at a bar, make sure you complete all of your work before going!

Don’t let your drinking habit impact your work. Always make sure that work is the first priority.

Eventually, you will find that you simply don’t have the time to go to the bar anymore because work has become so fulfilling. This is how you can replace the good habit of work with the bad habit of drinking.

3. Drink Fruit Juice

If you have a craving to drink alcohol, drink fruit juice instead.

The sugars in the juice will give you an energy rush and help you stay focused and productive.

You can also replace “fruit juice” with any kind of cold beverage. Mineral water also works great.

The cold temperature will give your body a feeling of relief.

But be sure not to overdo this and turn it into another bad habit. Too much sugar is not good for the body or the mind. Again, water also works well.

4. Don’t Drink And Work

You wouldn’t be allowed to go to an office and drink alcohol there. So don’t drink in your home office either.

Simply by maintaining this rule, you’ll be forcing yourself to get serious about your online business. This will be a major step forward to ensuring that your online work is disciplined and focused.

Commit yourself to never drink alcohol during work hours.

5. Don’t Have A Drinking Party At Home

Your home is your office. Don’t taint it with endless amounts of alcohol. Keep it organized, keep it well-maintained, and keep it peaceful. Maintain the dignity of your home office as you would a “normal” office.

It’s important to have friends (and to socialize), but make sure the alcohol stays out of the house. The more time you spend associating your home (and your office) with drinking, the harder it will be to finally give up the habit.

If you’re going to drink with friends, make sure you don’t do it at home.

Blogging And Drinking

The hardest part about quitting drinking is controlling the addiction. Most people think they have everything under control, or they start slowing their alcohol intake, only to realize that things have gotten much worse over time.

So make sure that if you want to give up drinking, you fully get rid of the habit.

If you need moral support, you can take the help of a rehab center and/or an addiction or relief group.

Do you drink and blog? What’s keeping you back from kicking the habit? Or maybe you’ve quit drinking in the past; what helped you quit? Let me hear your thoughts in the comments below!


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