Who is Apple’s Number 2 Tim Cook?


In the absence of Steve Jobs, who announced that he would pause to receive treatment due to his health problems on Monday, it became clear to whom he would hand over the top seat of the company: Tim Cook.

Announcing all employees in the company with an email, he did not make a statement about when he would return. “I trust Tim and his team, I believe they will achieve our goals for 2011,” said Steve Jobs, who offered his own seat to Cook before leaving.

After this announcement by Steve Jobs, Apple’s stocks fell 5%. Who is the Tim Cook market meets with such a development?

50-year-old Cook, who joined Apple in 1998 and was recently in the COO (Chief Operating Officer) position at Apple; Prior to Apple, he worked in world giant companies such as IBM, Intelligent Electronics and Compaq.

Cook studied Industrial Engineering at Auburn University and later completed an MBA at Duke University. Apple analysts’ views on Tim Cook are very positive, but it is not Steve Jobs. Another issue that is expressed as the leading charisma of Cook, who is known as a hard working professional in the market, is the only shortcoming.

“Whatever is Steve Ballmer for Bill Gates and Tim Cook for Steve Jobs,” said Enderle Group analyst Rob Enderle.