Who are the Partners of Facebook? – Social media


We recently shared with you the 500 million dollar investment that Facebook received from the Goldman Sachs investment company, and as a result its value reached $ 50 billion. We do not know what this value is calculated for, because in the data released, the social network generated an income of $ 2 billion last year.

While calculating the company values, the growth rate and the demand it sees are also taken into account in addition to the profit it makes. Considering that Facebook ranks first in many rankings for 2010 and is growing even faster than Google, we can make a reasonable explanation for this pricing. So who owns Facebook, who, what companies, what percentage? For answers to these questions, we can look at the chart prepared by LearnVest.

The chart shows us that Facebook’s co-founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, is the company’s biggest single singular partner with 24%. Zuckerberg’s share from $ 50 billion to $ 12 billion. Another important piece belongs to Facebook employees with 30%. Other than that, there are slices of other co-founders and investment companies. The most interesting partner is Bono. Yes, you have not heard wrong. The famous lead singer of the U2 group, Bono, has also become a partner with the investment company with Facebook at a rate of around 1.5%.

Whether Facebook is going public in the coming days is a topic frequently discussed. For this, some technical issues that need to be overcome and the way of going public should be determined, for now there is nothing definite about these issues.