‘Wherever I Look’ Campaign from Cornetto for Valentine’s Day


Cornetto, which we are familiar with the slogan of “Love yourself, come to love”, offers its visitors the opportunity to express their love in a different and creative way on this special day with its website prepared for Valentine’s Day. By entering the internet address, you can present a mini clip prepared for her on this special day.

The clip, which we see through the eyes of the character who prepared the video, offers sections from the daily life of the user. The user, who is placed on the billboards and posters in various parts of the city, sees his lover in every place he goes and everywhere he looks, accompanied by a song specially designed for the project and reinforcing the sense of “wherever you look”.

41-29 Advertising Agency One of the most important technical features of the campaign prepared by is the ability to automatically integrate the user-selected photos and the name of the lover into the clip. Thanks to the FacebookConnect feature of the application, the photos of the user on Facebook can be automatically taken to the video. The project also combines the online and offline world thanks to the SMS setup. The user shares the video by writing the phone number he likes and the message he wants to send to him.

If you want to make a video about your love on Valentine’s Day, you can reach the application from www.nereyebaksamsen.com and start working immediately. Hurry, it’s almost February 14!