What’s New with Updating Facebook App for iPhone


Facebook’s iPhone application has been updated. There are remarkable changes in the application released in version 3.4.

If you have organized a party and invited all your friends from Facebook, we can easily say that RSVP, the answers you receive, means nothing. Likewise, you cannot understand from RSVP whether an invitation is made at that moment. Because, people who participate in the invitation for my future may not come, or the invitation created may not actually exist.

Here’s Facebook has updated the iPhone app to give some more clarity to this complicated situation. You can check the events according to the 2 new features added and see your logged-in friends on the map. In this way, when you are wondering if there is a party, it will be enough to look at the map and see if your friends are logged in!

Apart from the 2 features we mentioned above, “unfriend” your friends you added, improved news flow and notification interface updates were also made.

While previously only logged in via Facebook Places, the new feature also shows whether the user is permitted to log in to determine the time of the event and the user’s location. Once the user logs in, the information can be seen both on the user’s wall and on the timeline of their friends. Also, when looking at the Places page from the iPhone application, all the friends who log in can be seen on the map. ”