What To Do When Blogging become boring for you?

Writing about something is based on interest. A blogger should have an interest in blogging. Everyone would feel tiresome when they have to do the same things in a routine manner. If a person does similar activities every day, he starts feeling bored.

If you are a blogger you must have experienced something similar. Actually, blogging is a time consuming activity that demands a lot of hard work and dedication. The person has to sit for hours and write for long. Unless a person has his own interest and involvement it is not possible to make him write blogs.

Here we bring some tips and suggestions for all those hardworking bloggers who often feel lethargic after spending hours updating their blogs –

Tired of Blogging? Let me help you out:

Take a Break:

If a blogger is feeling tired then he must take a short break in order to relax. This break can be a very short one or a moderately long one, ranging from a few minutes to maybe an hour. You can chat with your friends or your family members at home. You can select your favorite book from your collection and read it for a while. If you have an interest in watching television you can see your favorite programs.

Divert from topic:

You can select some other ways to get diverted from the blogging work for a while. You can change the subject on which you are blogging. If you are writing about the wedding photography you can stop writing on that blog and can start writing about cooking recipes.  The idea is to switch from one genre to another so that monotony gets snapped and blogger starts feeling little fresh. Changing the subject of writing blogs is one of the effective ways of finding relief. When you start writing different blogs you get new ideas that you can use. Though make sure, you create a seperate blog for other topics, as niche blog is more beneficial than multi-niche blogging.


The internet is only another option if your tiring routine. You can find many online magazines on the internet. You can read these books online while relaxing. You will get many ideas by reading the books. When you share your knowledge through blogging, you impart the knowledge to the other reader with the help of your writing skills. A good blogger could take the valued quotes and statements and share them through his or her blog. By writing on different subjects, you can learn new things and also not be bored.

Write your blogs in such a way that the reader remains interested. The content should be helpful and the reader should gain something positive from his experience. The reader should want to come back again and again in order to read your blog.

Get to know :

Collect the information from other people while you are conversing with them. A good blogger can collect the information on any subject when he is talking to the friends or relatives. If he listens carefully while other persons are discussing about a certain subject, he can gather good and interesting material for his innovative writing. Thereafter he can write blogs on the new subject. People should always keep their eyes and ears open if they want to become A-list bloggers. Only by learning new things and incorporating them in the blog can a blogger become an expert blogger.

Gather the information from other people’s conversations. If you want to shine as an expert blogger, you must observe the happenings around you. That way, you would get many more ideas to write about in your blogs. Your blogs should have useful tips for your readers. Read your own blog several times so that you can come to know about the plus and minus points of your own writing. You can write those details in the same blog after a while. This way is also a wonderful way to get rid of tiresome routine and bring some novelty into your life.

Do let me know if you have other strategies to get out of feeling of being tired of Blogging? Do share with me via comments.

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