What is SPF registration? How is it done?


What is SPF Registration?

Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is the name given to the TXT records in the DNS records of the domain name, which specifies from which ip addresses that domain name is sending. It can also be called “identification” for the sender in e-mail sending. Features With the SPF record verification, which is controlled by mail services such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, ISPs want to confirm that the e-mail message they receive, the sending server and the sending e-mail address are real senders.

Why SPF Registration is Required?

The main purpose of this record is to confirm that emails are actually coming from the right place and to prevent phishing traps by preventing spoof emails.

How to Record SPF in Cpanel?

On the Cpanel: by entering the Advanced DNS Zone Editor field
name: SPF
TTL: 14400
Type: TXT
TXT Data: “v = spf1 ip4: xxx.xxx.xx.xx ip4: xxx.xxx.xx.xx ip4: xxx.xxx.xx.xxa mx ptr include:
yourdomain + all ”.

Benefits of SPF Recording

With the right SPF record, you prevent your posts from falling into the unnecessary box at a high rate.