What is RSS feed?

What is RSS feed?

RSS feed is an important term for bloggers to understand & in this guide I have explained what is RSS feed & how to start using it. For a blogger it’s one way to let their users subscribe to blog updates.

Among Bloggers and people who love acquiring information from the Internet, RSS feed must not be a new word, but for many, it’s a Jargon. Today, we will learn about RSS feeds and how it’s useful for everyone to stay updated with news.

And also for bloggers that why you can’t afford to miss offering RSS as a subscription option.

The most common icon used for RSS feed is in the orange color and most common placement of the same is in the sidebar or around blog post. It’s also called as feed or web feed.

RSS Feed Basics:

RSS is one of the web feed formats which is commonly used on Blogs or websites where content is regularly updated like social bookmarking sites. RSS means Really simple syndication.

RSS is a technology which lets you keep track of any updates from your favorite website using any feed reader.

Most common practice to keep track of any website updates by the user is bookmarking them and open them every day to check for updates RSS feeds enables you to notify all the updates from your favorite website. You can use any feed reader that includes Feeldy (Most popular).

When you subscribe to any website feeds, whenever website writes a new post, you will be notified using your RSS feed reader.

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Why should you use RSS feeds?

RSS feeds help you to save lots of time. After subscribing to RSS feeds you don’t have to open the website every time to see the updates. You can simply use any feed readers to get updates about the website.

On WordPress, you get feed feature by default, but it’s not so user-friendly. One natural step is to burn your feed using Feedburner and you can also enable features like Email subscription which will be very helpful.

For any blogger, it’s very important to offer RSS updates, and the most common placement for feed icon is on the sidebar or on the navbar.

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How to subscribe to any website feeds?

If you notice most of the website you browse has an Orange icon for feeds like epostakur has this on the homepage & the sidebar.

Click on the link, and there you will have the option to subscribe to feeds using your favorite service.

For example, when you click on epostakur feed subscription option either by clicking on the sidebar or by clicking on this link: Subscribe to epostakur feeds

You will be redirected to a new page, where you can select How you can subscribe to the feeds.

I hope this article will give you enough insight about RSS feed, in case if you have more questions, feel free to ask.

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