What Does Facebook Bring With The New Comment System?


It is not the day when we do not share any important news about Facebook here, it cannot be, because Facebook is constantly on the offensive. I think it would not be wrong to say Barcelona of the internet for Facebook. According to rumors, Facebook is now coming up with an app that will rival Disqus, which is a particularly popular comment service, in the sign-in to 3rd party apps, still dominated by Google.

Facebook enabled easy logging and commenting on blogs and some websites thanks to Facebook Connect feature.

This feature allowed you to comment on a site as in the photo above directly using your Facebook account and even post your comment as a status update. But the new service is expected to have more than that.

Because this time it seems to be partnering with a few select organizations such as Facebook and Twitter. According to Mashable’s claim, new features emerged as follows:

  • Users will be able to use the platform by logging in with their Facebook or Twitter account.
  • Comments can be voted “liked”.
  • Comments can be synchronized between a publisher’s original page and a fan page. In other words, the comment you leave on a publisher’s page will be displayed on the fan page, and a comment you leave on the fan page will be displayed on the original page.

With the official announcement from Facebook, Facebook officials announced that they are working on innovations related to the comment system, but this is definitely not a new system, and improvements will be made to the existing comment system with feedback from the developers. They added that they tested the new comment system on Facebook Blog and Developer Blogs, but they cannot share more details for now.

Sources close to the situation claim that what Facebook does in the comments system is targeting successful start-ups such as Disqus and Echo, no matter what you put in, to improve or redesign the name. They base this situation on Facebook Start with the success of successful start-ups such as Foursquare and Loopt and the project “Dominating the Web”.

These are just claims right now, and we look forward to updating or redesigning Facebook’s comment system.