We Gathered Fans to Our Facebook Page, And Then What?


Companies have spent millions so far to increase the number of fans on their Facebook pages, and still continue to spend. Although the number of fans seems to be the most important factor in the first place, we can say that it is necessary to take it one step higher and give meaning. It is more important than how many people like your page, rather than how many people you connect with.

Facebook strategist Michael Lazarow says the numbers may be relative. According to Lazarow, 1,000 pages out of 10,000 followers are more successful than 1,000 pages out of 100,000 followers. It is important how many people you can reach rather than lean numbers. The number of fans can be important for prestige, but we can say that the numbers are not important unless you use your page effectively.

So how do we connect people to ourselves with our Facebook page? Marketers have developed some strategies for this.


Content is the most important element for your Facebook page. Thanks to the contents you will share, you can establish meaningful relationships with your fans. Another Facebook strategist, Dave Knoxx, said that the Facebook page is a “broadcast tool“And”getting closer to the customer“It should be used for.” According to Knoxx, if a content reaches a large number of people, the content can reach even more people when they like it and share it. This means new customers for our brand.

Strategists say that the most liked and interpreted content by the fans are photos.

Start the Dialogue

According to Wendy Lea, CEO of Get Satisfaction Social Media Agency, what the fans do is more important than the number of fans on your page. Wendy Lea: “First of all, have your fans engage in dialogue with each other. Speeches don’t necessarily have to be about your product. Give them something to talk to and let them relate to each other. ”

On the Pampers page, he asked his followers to answer questions asked by parents about their child. A question asked by a mother revealed that 256 comments were made within five hours.

When NFL asked Dallas Cowboys fans from the upcoming drafts, which player did they want to see in their team, the reaction was tremendous. Almost two million page followers all spoke about it.

Get creative

According to Reggie Bradforda, your customers pay more attention to your friends ‘or other fans’ comments on your brand than you say. Do creative things and let your followers express their love for your brand. Remember that love is contagious!

Michael Lazarow says that brands have used the “beg, borrow or steal” model recently to increase the number of fans. By saying that encouraging programs have been developed through this method, for example, it shows that Zynga gave the in-game gifts to Farmville users who liked the page. Such methods may not strengthen the bond between your customers and lead to the development of a relationship based on interest.

Having a large number of followers will make you successful to some extent. After that, it is important what you do with those fans, how you can relate to them. Aim to have more followers than you can reach, not to have more followers.