Ways to Lose Followers on Twitter – Social Media


Making Twitter use more effective and having many Twitter followers is something that almost every Twitter user will want. In this regard, although the question of how to use Twitter more successfully is the first question that comes to mind, knowing how to eliminate the factors causing the failure leads us to similar answers. As a matter of fact, the following items consist of features and reasons that cause failure in the use of Twitter:

1 – Just Talking About Yourself

  • People will find you boring if you have a Twitter account that selfishly takes place only from your own messages. This causes them to stop following you.
  • If you constantly ignore what your followers are saying about you or towards you, you will become more and more isolated.

2 – Never Enter Twitter Message

  • If there is no Twitter message, there is no Twitter follower!
  • You should enter messages that may be exciting and relevant to you and your observations.

3 – Entering Twitter Message Every Minute of the Day

  • People don’t want to know what you’re doing at any moment, unless it’s really intriguing and noteworthy.

4 – Repetition of Twitter Messages from Repetition

  • Spilling the same phrases of your followers in your language will bore them and cause them to stop following you.
  • Don’t let people think you are a robot programmed to enter a Twitter message. Otherwise, you can say hello to a fast loneliness.

5 – Don’t Enter Twitter Messages Frequently In A Row

  • First of all, you should consider that people go to Twitter at various times of the day.
  • You should keep in mind that Twitter is a flow of information that comes from people and that it keeps its value as long as it gets dark. Repetitive messages and their owners cause pollution rather than flow.

6 – Abusing the Language

  • People are welcomed with their clothes and farewell with their words!
  • Regardless of your position and status, using language badly, writing letters in one big case, and trying to create words of expression or expression, even if you do not have enough knowledge about the language, will cause serious reductions in your number of followers.