Visiting This Site May Harm Your Computer

Visiting This Site May Harm Your Computer

Few days back, one of my client websites got infected by malware. It was affected by some self-replication malware via infected PC. His Webhosting company cleaned all the malware but one problem still persisted in terms of visitors getting the message

Warning : Visiting This site may harm your computer!

Due to this, his traffic was dropping as no users were opening the site after seeing this warning. None the less, we noticed a significant drop in the ranking of many prominent first page keywords. Sigh! It was a bad situation.

In this post, I have shared what you can do if you find yourself in my client shoes:

Clean your blog

By cleaning I mean, remove malware from your blog. You can do it yourself with popular WordPress plugins or you can ask your hosting company to do that. If you are on a free hosting kind of place, I believe you are in real trouble, as free hosting companies don’t offer support.Try to use Malware checker WordPress plugins to find malware and then delete it.

Once you are sure that your blog is free from malware, it’s time to ask Google to remove the “Visiting This site may harm your computer!” warning.

Asking Google to review your site after malware removal:

If your website is already added to the Google Webmaster Tool then, you can directly follow the steps outlined in the next paragraph.

According to official Google help page :

  • On the Webmaster Tools Home page, select the site you want.
  • In the Parts of this site may be distributing malware message, click More details.
  • Click Request a review.

If not, you need to add your website to Google webmaster tools and verify the ownership. Feel free to take help from my previous post on how to submit a sitemap to Google webmaster tool.

Update: You can refer to my latest post on Google Webmaster tool added Malware detection tools

I’m sure this will be helpful for anyone who is in the same situation, or you can bookmark it for the future reference. Feel free to let me know if you face any problem.