VigLink Ad Platform Income Report from a Fashion Blog

Months back I talked about Viglink ad network, which is one of the best blog monetization techniques in my opinion.

I’m already using Viglink on my gadget blog, and in February 2013 I integrated Viglink into one of my client (Izzy), who owns a popular fashion blog in U.S. If you are new to Viglink, you can read my

If you are new to Viglink, you can read my review of Viglink. They also introduced Viglink wrapping tool later on, which will help you to earn money from sharing links.

Moreover, Viglink makes it easier for every blogger to earn money from Affiliate marketing, without having any knowledge about it. I will quickly explain how this ad network works.

Viglink turns outbound links into Affiliate links:

One of the biggest problem being an affiliate marketer is finding the products to promote, enrolling into the affiliate program, and manage the individual affiliate links.

It doesn’t matter if you are using Clickbank, ShareaSale or Cj Affiliate marketplace, in every network you have to get the affiliate link for the individual product, mask it with Thirsty Affiliate WordPress plugin, and add it to your blog manually.

Needless to say, this is serious work, and if you are a hobby blogger or part-time blogger, you might not like to spend so much time doing this. Viglink is cool ad network, that makes all outbound links on your blog, as affiliate links. The best part about this is, all links are SEO friendly, and moreover it doesn’t hamper user experience at any level. Also, It’s backed up by Google.

Viglink is partnered with 1000+ affiliate program, including Amazon, Apple app store. So, when a user clicks a standard link on your blog, and buy anything from Amazon, App store or thousands of other places, you make money from it. I’m not talking about simple money which pays in pennies but talking about serious money. Moreover, as it is, when your readers click on outbound links, you get nothing. After using Viglink, you will be making money, if your reader make a purchase on any of the sites which are partnered with Viglink.

When I was doing my research on Viglink and Skimlinks, I realize such ad network do really well on websites with tons of Amazon links, or fashion blogs. Since Viglink is partnered with some of the world’s top fashion store, and you end up making some serious money.

Just to try this, I asked my fashion blogger client to try Viglink for a week. It’s been a month that she is using Viglink on her blog, and so far the performance of  Viglink is incredible.

Here is income report of Viglink from a Fashion blog (Musingsofamuse):

Here is breakdown of some of the highest paying merchant in Fashion niche.

 As it is, my client blog was not making any money from the outbound link, and after using VigLink, another $25.5 K is added to her account. Keep in mind, this is not the final report, as many merchant reports will be added after certain days. So, the final income from Viglink in a month will increase by more.

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If you are an existing Viglink publisher, I would love to know how it is performing for you, and on what niche you are using it?

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