Use JustDelete.Me To Quickly Delete Your Online Profiles

Whenever we start out online, we don’t know much about online etiquette. By the time we learn about what to do and what not to do with our online profiles, we end up making silly mistakes which might not be so good for our future public personas.

Remember the days of Myspace when we used to be silly with our bios or we would share too much information. It would be nice to go back and get rid of those online profiles.

Nowadays, sites like Myspace are largely out of the picture, but they still exist, and your old profile still exists too. Many people might not bother with these dead social networking sites, but if someone stumbles across an old profile that you’ve forgotten about, it could lead them to gather some of your sensitive personal information.

It’s always better to delete these old profiles.

JustDelete.Me + KnowEm Combo Can Help In Cleaning Up Your Silly Old Profiles

JustDelete.Me is a free website which has a collection of links from various online websites directing you on how to delete various accounts. Along with that, it also gives a one word descriptor of how hard it is to delete an old profile.

It will even tell you if it’s impossible to delete an old account. For example, you can’t delete your Blogger profile without deleting your entire Google account. (Interesting!)

Here is a screenshot of JustDelete.Me:

Now, let me share a quick tip which will help you find most of your past digital footprints and clean them up.

We’re going to use a service called KnowEm. (Check out the SML review here.)

Go to KnowEm and search for your username to find out on which web services have an online profile with that username.

If any one of them are a product of your internet baby steps, simply go to JustDelete.Me, search for that social media profile, and permanently delete your profile from that particular web service.

Delete Old Accounts With JustDelete.Me

As a free service, JustDelete.Me is indeed very useful for anyone who is looking to improve their online reputation, or those who are simply not finding the ‘delete account’ link of a specific online web service.

Do you know more free web service like JustDelete.Me? Let me know about them in the comments below.

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