Use Artificial Intelligence To Create Instant Logo & Brand Identity

  • What do you imagine when you think of CocaCola?
  • What do you imagine when you think of Apple?

Can you imagine the color and logo of both these brands?

The majority of us can, and that’s the power of branding. If there is one thing to learn in business, it’s branding. Consistent branding is key to making your company, business, blog, or idea a success.

However, most bloggers and webmasters who start a blog or a product company are not so accustomed to design and branding. Most of us use sites like Fiverr, 99design, and to hire a web-designer to work on the branding aspects of our websites.

And if you are working with a well-skilled designer, then that’s great. But if not, you will miss out on several important aspects of branding.

What are these important aspects of branding?

Apart from the company’s vision and mission statement, here are a few important visual aspects of branding that you need to implement ASAP:

  • Logo
  • Font (Typography)
  • Color Palette

Just having these three things will bring you one big step closer to establishing your product as a brand.

Once you have these 3, what you need to do is use the same logo, typography, and color palette on your blog, website, product catalog, social media images, emailer, etc. Once you start being consistent with your brand identity, users will subconsciously start interacting with the visual identity of your brand.

A powerful example of this is CocaCola. When I think of CocaCola, I can visualize the font and logo design with the lettering in white surrounded by red.

Before I share this artificial intelligence logo and brand identity maker with you, I want you to really understand the basics of branding so that you can start utilizing this concept right away. Even if you don’t use this tool, you should know what steps are necessary to turn your business into a brand.

Go and read this:

Brandmark: Create Instant Logo and Brand Identity with Artificial Intelligence

If you ever found yourself asking:

  • How do I create a logo for my blog/website/product?
  • How do I select the color and typography?

Well, Brandmark is the answer.

This is an artificial intelligence-based tool that is very smart. When I tested this tool, I was impressed with the quality of the output. You can use the actual output for your brand identity, or you can use it as an inspiration for designing something yourself.

Let me quickly show how you how to use Brandmark.

  • Head over to the Brandmark app.
  • Enter your company name and tag line. If you don’t have a tag line or don’t want to show a tag line with the logo, you can keep that field blank.

Branding Keywords

This part is very important, and you should take a few minutes to enter the details carefully.

Based on your input keywords, this AI-based logo maker will suggest icons for your logo. So apart from the main keywords for your website, you should also use words that define your brand. (Ex: Witty, Friendly, Professional, Amusing, and so on.)

Once you are done adding all keywords, click on next.

Select Icons

This is where you will select the icon that you want to use as your brand logo.

Now, select a logo of your choice. Scroll down and click on more logos to generate more ideas. The best part is, everything is done instantly, and some of the ideas are much better than I imagined.

If you are not happy with any of the logo ideas, I recommend you to go back and enter more keywords in the Branding Keywords section.

Once you have selected the logo you want to use, click on next.

Color Palette

Most newbies usually stop after creating a logo for their brand. This is a big mistake. The color of your brand plays a major role in creating a visual brand identity and a long-lasting impression on your customers.

  • Have you ever thought about why Facebook uses blue?
  • Why does CocaCola use red?

This is not by chance; there is science behind it. If you don’t know about this, I suggest you take an extra 10 minutes right now and read these two articles:

There is power in using the right color for your brand.

So when we create a color scheme, we create a palette which consists of the main brand color and a few other complementary colors. This is the same thing we can do with Brandmark.

Once you have selected a color palette, scroll up to see the color “hex values”.

I suggest you note these values down on an Excel sheet, or even better, create a document called “Brand identity for $brandname” and keep the value there for easy access and sharing.

Click on next.

Select Typography

Here you need to pick two fonts:

Scroll down to select the font combinations from the suggestions:

If you want to select the typeface for your logo, title, or body font, click on Choose fonts and make changes there. This is one thing I like about this tool as it lets us customize and personalize as much as we want.

Once you have selected the typography combination, click on next.

Now, you will be able to preview your choices. If you want to make any changes, simply click on back and feel free to adjust things as needed. You can preview what I just created using this link.

Once you are satisfied with the preview, click on nextThis is where we can purchase our logo, color, and typography schemes.

Brandmark also offers the option to create a website for you, but I found it to be pricey as instead of a one-time cost, you will be paying monthly fees. So, let’s skip that.

If you already know the font (Hint: Use the WhatTheFont Chrome extension) and the color palette and only needed a logo idea, you don’t need to buy anything.

Otherwise, I recommend getting the Developer package which seems the most useful as you get a Vector logo in SVG and EPS formats along with a brand style guide.

Creating A Brand Identity

Brandmark is not your average tool, as it definitely makes the process of logo creation and creating a brand identity fun.

Moreover, the customization options ensure that whatever you create is truly yours.

Note: This tool is not a replacement of a full-time designer because there is a lot more branding work to be done. At the same time, bloggers and bootstrapped entrepreneurs can use this tool to create a brand identity from day one.

You can also use this tool to generate ideas for your logo and then hire someone from 99designs or who can work on these ideas to give you a professional brand identity.

I will definitely use this artificial intelligence tool to create logos and brand identities in the future.

For now, I would like to hear your thoughts. Go ahead and try this tool to let me know how well you did creating a brand identity!

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