Turkish Entrepreneur Blogs to Follow


After sharing the 10 entrepreneur blogs that should be followed here with you, I thought that we should do a similar work for Turkish entrepreneurs and I wanted to share with you the blogs of our famous local entrepreneurs who came to my mind in the first place with the knowledge, experience and examples. Even if the blogs of some of these professionals, who have achieved great success both in our country and in international projects, are not updated frequently, even reading their old articles will add a lot to you.

Ahmet Kırtok:

The blog of Ahmet Kırtok, a Turkish internet entrepreneur living in New York, is always up to date. Her blog is full of exquisite articles, especially on enterprise, personal development, and internet marketing. The article series in which he explained the Twitter strategy was very interesting. I am sure that he will write follow-up articles in 2011.

Devrim Demirel:

Although the blog of the famous entrepreneur Devrim Demirel, who has been investing in the internet sector since the mid-1990s, is not updated frequently due to his intense tempo, there is quite useful information. We expect more articles from Devrim Bey, who we think he has a lot to share from the successes he has achieved so far, in his blog, which he started making small entries again in 2010.

Sina Afra:

I think it would be enough to say Markafoni. What a lecture and a chance for entrepreneurs to have an internationally successful owner of a well-known company sharing their opinions with us through a blog.

The article series, which they evaluate 2010 with entrepreneurs like Orkun Tekin, Çağlar Erol, Burak Büyükdemir, is a treasure in itself.

Caglar Erol:

Çağlar Erol, co-founder of pages such as Enuygun.com and doktorsitesi.com, is one of the internet entrepreneurs who chose to share their experiences about the industry.

Although it has not been much since 2008, it has definitely shared its opinions every year. I think it is one of the resources you should read with articles that are quite satisfying about internet entrepreneurship.

Sometimes job postings are published so that if you do not want to be an entrepreneur, you may want to steer your career by following the postings on the blog.

Volkan Kırtok:

Volkan Kırtok’s blog is one of the resources that should be followed in the fields of digital marketing, social media and e-commerce like his brother Ahmet Kırtok.

I am sure that you will benefit greatly from the writings of Volkan Kırtok, who has worked with many big companies in his half-life in Istanbul and half-New York.

The blog, which is updated more frequently than most of our entrepreneurs, is a good bedside source. You can take advantage of their ideas by following the panels and meetings they attended.

Burak Büyükdemir:

Burak Büyükdemir, the architect of the e-seed project, shares his opinions that can be very useful for you on his website. Unfortunately, there are a lot of things you can learn from him, even though they are not updated frequently. I am sure that if you make a journey towards old articles, you will learn the things that you will benefit in your initiatives.

Uğur Şeker:

Turkey’s first indigenous-owned agency Zap Medya founder and Ugur has directed nearly 4000 internet campaign blog constantly updated source of sugar available for you. The panel that the industry is participating in should be an ore written by someone who can hold various sources such as panel, session, and competition.

These are the names that come to my mind in a snap, forgive me if I forget. Do you have entrepreneurial blogs that you want to add to this list that you follow regularly?