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Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for Bloggers

This is the first month of the year, and everyone is busy making their new year resolution. Some of them make a resolution to improve themselves; some of them make the resolution to quit a bad habit, and some of them are busy making new year resolution for their business.

As a Blogger, we should also have some serious commitment and new year resolution for our Blog. It could be anything from writing a blog post every day, replying to comment, or publishing over 100 guest posts this year.

To help you in this, I’m sharing few new year resolution ideas for Bloggers, and my suggestion would pick all of them and stick to it, or at least pick a few which you feel you need the most.

If you are a professional Blogger, you can pick as much as you could, but pick only those, that you can stick to.

New Year Resolution Ideas for Bloggers:

1. Create Your Unique Personality

Today, if you want to be successful in blogging, then the first thing you need to have is a unique personality. Readers who are online they like to see a personality that is unique and refreshing. Hence, do NOT hide your face and reveal yourself.  Add the Author box below the article or add an about my widget in the sidebar to make most out of it.

If you can create a personality on the Internet, then people will consider you as a genuine person. It will help you to get more readers for your blog. Thus, never ignore small things like photographs, images, etc. Always keep changing those images and upload a fresh ones. Share as much as possible.

Also,  integrate Google authorship that will help you to get better CTR from Search engine and help you improve your online identity.

2. Original and Good Blog Topics

Do your best to create good content for your blog posts on a daily basis. What is good content?

Good content is when people enjoy your blog posts, and they would like to share with their friends on the Internet. Therefore, to write good content you need a lot of reading and research. You have to be patient when you are creating a blog post. Information that you give must be the latest and valuable to readers. 

Moreover, incorporate all the new technologies to make your content stand-out from the rest. Just routine rundown is not enough; you need to create something new.

3. Posting 1 Blog Posts Daily

The blog is like a beast and you have to keep feeding it. Hence, promise that you will post at least 12-3 blog posts on a daily basis which are unique and have quality content. If you want to remain in the competition then you have to reach out to visitors before your competitors reach them.

Post regularly on your blog with something new and interesting in it. Just one blog post is not enough especially if you are a new blogger. Therefore, start practicing writing blog posts that have unique content.

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4. Identify and study all Competitors in Your Niche

You are blogging because you want money. Frankly speaking, money is nothing but quality traffic. If you get more targeted traffic to your blog, then you make more money. Hence, you need to know how much traffic your competitors are getting. Follow and spy on all other bloggers who are writing on the same topic that you are also writing.

Especially, follow top bloggers in your niche and read their blogs. Try to find out what they are missing in their blog and you could address those missing points in your blog.

Thus, your problem will be solved if you know your competitors because you could reverse engineer on what they are doing.

5. Expanding my Network using Social Media – Facebook & Twitter

People will come to read your blog only if you can reach out to them. And one of the easiest ways to get readers is to use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

You should check out, benefits of Social media marketing in Blogging. You must have a full presence on Facebook and Twitter. Create a Facebook fan page, Create a Twitter account, and tweet regularly about your blog posts on Twitter.

With the help of these platforms, you can easily get thousands of followers for your blog. So do not ignore the power of social media and incorporate all the tools related to it in your blog this year.

6. Building Personal Relationship with every Reader Using Comments, Discussions

Just blog posting is not enough you need to build a personal relationship with your readers. You can only improve your blog posts if you listen to readers’ complain about your blog.

Moreover, after reading their comments, you will come to know what they are demanding, and you could blog according to that. Hence, this year in 2020 you will never overlook the comments of your readers.

You could also integrate web applications or software that can generate debate, discussions, and polls.

This year as a blogger you have to realize the importance of comments and discussions generated on your blog.

7. Learning New Writing Skills

Blogging is an art, not a science. You cannot become a successful blogger by just manipulating search engines. You need to create good content that directly relates to your readers. Hence for that, you need to learn new writing skills. Your blog should engage your readers in a conversation. It should virtually talk with them.

Increase your vocabulary and learn new words or phrases every day. You could get plenty of resources online. Write as much as possible.

8. Offering Free Tutorials to Readers and Decreasing Bounce Rate

This year try your best to give something for free to your blog visitors and readers. The best way to do is by giving away tutorials in the form of pdf documents or videos to blog visitors. 

It will help you to decrease your blog’s bounce rate hence visitors will keep coming back again and again.

So offer your visitors free tutorials and other stuff in coming year.

9. Making Money Not just from Adsense but through Affiliate Marketing Also

Normally bloggers around the world make money only through contextual advertisements like Google Adsense. This year you have to make a resolution that you will earn income through affiliate marketing also.

Making money through affiliate marketing is more difficult than Adsense because here you have to sell directly.

Your blog should be good enough and trustable so that it can sell a few products related to the topic of your blog. If you can make only a few dollars through affiliate marketing, then it will surely boost your confidence.

You could make a lot of money through affiliate marketing compared to contextual ads. The difference is very large.

10. Consistency, Consistency & Consistency

The most important attribute you need to be a successful blogger is consistency. You need to blog regularly and keep learning new things as your blog.

Do NOT give a break in between and be regular. Consistency and Patience are the winning combination for any blogger.

Finally, I will end by saying in the coming year make a few of these new year resolutions as a blogger and let the success kiss your way. Happy blogging and happy new year.