Top 10 Movies that Inspire an Aspiring Entrepreneur

Are you an Entrepreneur and do you want to be inspired? Let us take a look at some popular inspirational movies that help to inspire our entrepreneurial ventures.


I just finished watching this movie, and first thing I’m doing is updating this post. Nightcrawler is one such movie, which every entrepreneur with great vision should watch it. This movie is little brutal, but acting by Jake Gyllenhaal will keep you surprised. This movie is about a struggling guy who was looking for a job, but he couldn’t get one. The guy found a window of job opportunity when he saw a live crime journalism, and he started doing the same for the living. What you will learn from the movie is, how one can do anything without much background, how art of persuasion and negotiation can take you to the place. How focusing on your positives, and improving on them will make you limitless. Go watch this movie all by yourself, and come back to share your thoughts.

And the closing line of the movie will make you remember this movie forever:

But remember, I will never ask you to do anything, which I wouldn’t do myself!

1. The Aviator

The Aviator, released in 2004, beautifully depicts the life and achievements of Howard Hughes, the aviation pioneer, from 1920-1947 when he shot to fame as the wealthiest man. It was directed by Martin Scorsese and jointly produced by Michael Mann, Sandy Climan, Graham King, and Charles Evans, Jr.

Plot Summary

Howard Hughes grows up in Houston and moves to California in 1927 when he inherits his family fortune and ownership of the Hughes Tool company. He hires Norah Dietrich to help him run the company for him and turns towards film production and emerged as a successful producer. He then moved on to his single greatest passion, Aviation. He purchased majority stakes in the Aviation Company, Transcontinental & Western Air (TW&A). He established new records in flying speed and incurred the jealousy of competitor airlines Pan American World Airways (PAN AM). The film traces Hughes’s determination to brace all odds caused by his obsessive compulsive disorder and pursue his greatest passion, aviation. It depicts his love affairs with actresses like Katherine Hepburn and Ava Gardner which have helped him along the way. It traces his journey from a Casanova and popular millionaire to a reclusive madman.

Inspiring moment

The Aviator is a brilliant representation of how one can and should live their dreams. It depicts the dangers and risks associated with living a life without limits but it also shows the strength of character that is required to live such a life.

2. The Social Network

The Social Network was released in 2010 under the banner of Columbia Pictures. It was directed by David Fincher and is based on the book written by Ben Mezrich.

Plot Summary

Mark Zuckerberg, a 19-year-old Harvard student, stinging from the rejections of his girlfriend Erica Albright, creates a hate site to avenge his insult. The site named Facemash, used pilfered photographs and allowed students to rate the attractiveness of female students. It assumed immense popularity overnight and even clogged a section of Harvard’s network causing it to crash. The popularity of the site attracted the attention of Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss and their partner Divya Narendra who offered Zuckerberg the opportunity to help them build a Harvard dating website called Harvard Connection.

Soon Zuckerberg approaches his friend Eduardo Saverin with a plan to launch an online social networking website called TheFacebook. Saverin agrees and provides seed funding of $1000 and the two launch the website. Once again the site becomes hugely popular which attracts the attention of the Winklevoss brothers who sue Zuckerberg on grounds that he stole their idea in developing The Facebook.

The film traces Zuckerberg’s lawsuits with the Winklevoss brothers and the subsequent one filed against him by Saverin who claimed that his shares in TheFacebook were unjustly diluted by Zuckerberg and ends with the final resolution of the deposition. At the end, the film depicts how despite having to deal out huge sums of money as settlement amount to both parties, Zuckerberg still emerges as the youngest billionaire in the country.

Inspiring Moment

The lawsuit scenes were the most inspiring as it depicted Zuckerberg defending his case with the innocent genuineness of one who is confident of his excellence.

The film is an open depiction of the sharpness of Zuckerberg’s mind, his unimaginable intelligence and his confidence in his capabilities which definitely speaks volumes of how entrepreneurial ventures should be handled.

3. The Green Mile

The Green Mile has been adapted from Stephen King’s novel of the same name and recounts the supernatural experiences of Paul Edgecomb, a death row corrections officer during the Great Depression period in United States.

Plot Summary

The movie begins with an aging Paul Edgecomb in a retiring home recounting his experience as a death row corrections officer to his co-lodger Elaine. As the story moves to flashback, Paul relieves his past experiences with the death row inmates of the Cold Mountain Penitentiary. He talks about the supernatural powers of John Coffey, the sadistic Percy Wetmore and the psychopathic Wharton also known as “Wild Bill”.  The film ends depicting Paul Edgecomb living out the life he has “taken back” from John Coffey and believing it to be a punishment from God for letting Coffey die.

Inspiring Moments

The film is rife with supernatural content creating an awareness of the Supreme Being and the powers that defy explanations by human logic. It also depicts the resilience of human character which is strengthened in the face of adversity.

4. Slumdog Millionaire

Slumdog Millionaire is a movie based in India. It is scripted from a book titled ‘Q&A’ authored by Vikas Swarup. It was release in 2008 and directed by Danny Boyle.

The Plot

The plot revolves around the story of eighteen year old Jamal Malik who lives in the slums of Juhu in Mumbai. Jamal’s life reaches a turning point when he appears on the widely popular reality show “Kaun Banega Crorepati?” an Indian version of “Who wants to be a Millionaire?” Jamal soon reaches the grand finale and is just one question away from the grand prize when he is arrested on grounds of suspicions of cheating. Jamal however recounts in flashback how he can answer every question accurately as it is linked to a key event in his life.

Inspiring Moments

The movie recounts the strength of a young man to face hostile situations and yet hold his ground strongly. It also inspires us with the fact that life teaches us our best lessons.

5. Dolphin Tale

The Dolphin Tale, released in 2011, recounts the real life story of winter, a bottle nose dolphin that was rescued in Florida in 2005.

Plot Summary

The plot revolves around the story of Sawyer Nelson, a lonely 11-year-old boy, who accidentally comes across an injured bottle nose dolphin. He seeks the help of Dr. Clay Haskett who runs Clearwater Marine Hospital. Dr. Haskett treats the dolphin and his daughter Hazel names it winter. Swayer is allowed to volunteer at the hospital as it proves to be good for both him and winter. However, winter loses her tail and Swayer plans to replace it with a prosthetic one. The story then traces Swayer’s journey of helping winter accept her prosthetic tail, saving the ClearWater Marine Hospital from being demolished and Winter’s home from being lost.

Inspiring Moments

The Dolphin Tale is a beautiful movie depicting how determination and perseverance can help you achieve all your dreams. The most inspiring moments were when Sawyer jumps into the water to swim with Winter and his cousin Kyle which symbolises a victory over the demons within himself and rejuvenation of his spirits.

6. The Shawshank Redemption

The Shawshank Redemption, released in 1994, is considered to be one of the best movies of all time. The movie won several accolades and is a beautiful study of human resilience and perseverance.

The Plot

Andy Dufresne, a banker, is convicted of murdering his wife and her boyfriend. Though he claims innocence, he is sent to the Shawshank State Prison to serve his sentence. The story revolves around his life in prison, the abuse he suffers there, the friends he makes and the compromises he has to make all of which steal his resolve to break free of the fetters which have forced this unfair existence on him. In the prison his one great consolation is his friendship with contraband smuggler Ellis “Red” Redding and the prison library gifted to him by Warden Samuel Norton in exchange of helping him out with his money laundering schemes. All the while, however, Andy plans his escape from the prison walls and finally when he does escape, the whole prison is left aghast at the ingenuity of his plan.

Inspiring Moments

One of the most inspiring moments of the movie was when Andy wades out into the rain after having crawled through several hundred feet of muck and human excreta. It symbolised the feeling of rejuvenation which one feels after having unfairly slaved for over two decades to earn the one basic right every human being is privileged to enjoy – Freedom.

7. 127 hours

127 hours released in 2010 is a British American biographical film belonging to the survival drama genre.

Plot Summary

The plot of the film revolved around the real life experiences of canyoneer Aron Ralston who got trapped in a slot canyon when he slipped and fell and a loose boulder fell crushing his right arm. For the next few hours Aron is left trying to free himself from this predicament and recording every detail in a video camera. During the painful hours which follows, Aron gets the opportunity to reminiscence about his past life and realizes the  mistakes he has made which he feels is responsible for his present condition. Following a vision, Aron realises that there is only one way in which he can free himself, that is by breaking the bones and tearing away his arm. Through an act of sheer grit and iron strong will, Aaron breaks his arm and earns his freedom. Aron’s ordeal continues as he now needs to rappel down a 65-foot rockface and has to hike for several miles before he is rescued by a family on a day hike and is carried to safety by a Utah Highway Patrol helicopter.

Inspiring moment

The most inspiring moment in the movie is the clip which depicts Aron using force and extreme willpower to break his own arm.  It is a brilliant display of what we are capable of if only we show the courage to go ahead with it. The film is an excellent depiction of how self-introspection in the face of adversities can help us find out ways to liberate our souls and body.

8. Pursuit of happyness

This misspelled film released in 2006 with same title, the Pursuit of Happyness belongs to the biographical drama genre. It is directed by Gabriele Muccino and stars Will Smith in the lead role along with his real life son, Jaden Smith.

Plot Summary

The Pursuit of Happyness is a real life story recounting the trials and tribulations of Christopher Gardner as he goes through the various stages of homelessness. A salesman by profession, trying to sell his own innovation, a portable bone-density scanner, to doctors Christopher Gardner faces a lot of ups and downs in the process. His wife frustrated with his penniless state deserts him leaving him to take care of their young son Christopher Jr. Unable to pay their rent, Christopher is forced to vacate his apartment and move to makeshift arrangements. A stroke of luck lands him an internship with a brokering firm. The story continues to recount how Christopher, uses his intelligence and marketing skills to leverage this opportunity and improve his destiny.

Inspiring Moments

The film is a perfect illustration of how not to bow down before adversities but to take them head on. Christopher is a brilliant portrayal of a man who has lost everything and yet clings on to the last straw of potential that would give him the opportunity to resurrect his life once again.

9. Moneyball

Moneyball, released in 2011, was based on the nonfiction book (of the same name) by Michael Lewis.

Plot Summary

The Oakland Athletics baseball team loses some of its best players and Billie Beane is left with the challenge to scout for some of the best talents within the limited funds. A chance meeting with Peter Brand, a young Yale economics graduate changes everything for Beane. Brand’s, radical views on how to devise ways to assess the value of players interests Beane and the two strike a deal to work together to build the Oakland team. The rest of the film revolves around the efforts put together by Brand and Beane which helps to deliver positive results for the Oakland team.

Inspiring moments

The film has several inspiring moments as it depicts beautifully, the passion, dedication and determination that Beane displays for the Oakland team ultimately leading them to success.

10. Lagaan

Lagaan was released in 2001 and belongs to the epic sports drama genre. The film, set in the Victorian period of India’s colonial British Raj, revolves around a small village whose inhabitants, oppressed by high taxes, find them in a peculiar situation.

Plot Summary

Bhuvan, an inhabitant of Champaneer, feels the oppression of land tax bearing down hard on him in the face of a drought and decides along with other villagers to place their request to Raja Puran Singh to provide them with a respite for that year. However, the Raja, bound by the British Law and completely controlled by the British commanding officer Captain Andrew Russell is unable to help them. The Captain, trying to benefit from the miseries of the natives, throws them a challenge. He orders them to defeat his men in a game of cricket, a game which Bhuvan had previously mocked. He promises to forgo their taxes if they can defeat him and his men. However, if they lose then Champaneer and the neighbouring villages would have to pay thrice the stipulated amount in taxes. Shocked and devastated the villagers turn against Bhuvan for bringing this on them. However, Bhuvan manages to make them understand that this is their golden opportunity to escape from taxes for three whole years. The rest of the movie recounts Bhuvan’s strategies in helping them learn the game, organize teams and ultimately earn their freedom from land tax.

Inspiring Moments

The film is a beautiful depiction of believing in oneself and fighting for justice with an indomitable zeal that is hard to extinguish. Each moment of this film is inspirational. The most inspiring moment is when Bhuvan hits the last ball and Captain Russell catches it only to realise that he has mistakenly stepped over the boundary making it a sixer. As Bhuvan’s team wins and the people start rejoicing, the rains start, symbolising an end to all their worries. Film says never give-up. Here are more such movies list which you should add in your bucket list right now:

So friends, these are some films that make me inspire every time. These are my favourite and do tell us what’s yours?

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