This Week In TV: Rambo, Tarantino, Outlander Trailer

This Week In TV: Rambo, Tarantino, Outlander Trailer

Wow, is it nearly Christmas already? All it takes for Christmas to happen is for good men to do nothing, then you’re stuck buying all your presents on Christmas eve. In the meantime, here’s all this week’s TV news. Did you know they’re bringing Rambo to television? Or that the Lord of the Rings director might direct an episode of Doctor Who? Could Gandalf and the Doctor finally meet?

First off, Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits theatres in mere days, so if you’re not caught up on the previous movies here’s a video that will fill you in in just three minutes. Spoilers naturally:

TV News

Rambo TV Series Coming?

Are any of us even a little bit surprised about this? According to Deadline Fox have picked up a new Rambo television series, to be titled Rambo: New Blood. As with all great action franchises born in the eighties, plans for the revival involve giving the original hero a son to carry on his legacy.

It’s unclear as yet whether Sylvester Stallone will reprise his role as Vietnam War veteran John Rambo. Deadline reports that John Rambo could be a major part of the series, with the option for Stallone to make a return if he so chooses. In case you’re interested, Rambo’s son will be called J.R, and will be an ex-Navy SEAL, being the least surprising detail about this whole project.

The writing for Rambo: New Blood, is in the hands of Jeb Stuart (Die Hard, Just Cause), who’s writing credits are a mixed bag in terms of critical reaction. A Rambo revival isn’t the only Stallone centric TV project in the works either: The Expendables will also be landing on Fox in the near future, featuring TV stars instead of eighties action movie giants.


Quentin Tarantino pitching TV Western?

You might have noticed that Pulp Fiction and Django Unchained director Quentin Tarantino has a new film out over Christmas. The Hateful Eight hits theatres in a few weeks, but now it seems the filmmaker wants to make another western, this time for TV.

Tarantino currently holds the rights to Forty Lashes Less One, a book by prolific novelist Elmore Leonard.  Forty Lashes Less One takes things back to the old west, following the adventures of a black man and a Chiricahua  Apache sentenced to death. Guess what though? If they can track down five terrifying criminals they’ll be let off. It’s starting to sound a lot like a Tarantino project, isn’t it?

Elmore Leonard’s works aren’t new to television or cinema. Most recently, FX’s Justified came from a series of short stories by the writer, while other works have become films like Get Shorty and Jackie Brown (directed by Tarantino back in the 90s). Forty Lashes Less One still has a long way to go before it gets made, but if Hateful Eight does well, expect to be hearing more in the new year.


YouTube Red looking for Original Content

We already know about YouTube’s plan to enter the subscription video space with Youtube Red. Now it’s emerged the internet Goliath, owned by Google, is looking into developing original content for the service. According to the Wall Street Journal,YouTube have initiated discussions with Hollywood studios and production houses in recent months.

Up until now, Youtube Red has been mainly about offering subscribers a no advert service, but it looks like it will soon step in the ring with the likes of Netflix, Amazon and Hulu. If it’s seeking pitches for original content this will definitely qualify as muscling in on their territory. Can YouTube unseat companies who are already so well established in the streaming arena, though?

YouTube is already working with some of its biggest self made stars, such as videogame star PewDiePie, to create original exclusive content for the new subscription service. This could be YouTube’s big advantage, with so many people already visiting its website every day. With Apple looking to make similar moves though, in a few years we could be looking at a very crowded marketplace.


Star Wars Rebels

The crew of the Ghost in Star Wars Rebels
Image source:

The spiritual successor to Star Wars: The Clone Wars has been renewed for a third season. Star Wars Rebels airs on Disney XD, which is technically for kids, but this is Star Wars. No deflector shield of shame is going to stop Star Wars fans watching a kids show if they know Darth Vader is going to show up. Which he does, in case you’re wondering. The show is set just a few years before Star Wars: A New Hope, and follows a maverick space ship crew as they try to stick it to the empire.


Outlander Season Two

The popular Starz series about a World War Two nurse who finds herself warped back to 18th century Scotland has its first official teaser trailer for its upcoming second season. Outlander will be back in the spring, but the trailer keeps most details close to its chest. What we do know is that much of season two is likely to take place in France as Claire and Jamie try to change the course of history, and the failed Jacobite rising of 1745.


Supergirl meets The Flash

To paraphrase Will Ferrell in Zoolander, crossovers are so hot right now. There’s a lot of buzz at the moment that CBS’s Supergirl and The CW’s The Flash and Arrow could work out a crossover episode some time next year. Greg Berlanti, a writer and producer involved in some capacity on all these shows, has been pressed by entertainment journalists on the matter a lot recently but is remaining tight lipped. Supergirl only just got picked up for a full season, so don’t expect anything soon. Ali Adler, Supergirl‘s producer, is open to the idea though, so anything’s possible.


Peter Jackson and Doctor Who

Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson has given the internet a lot to chew on with a new video hinting he may direct an episode of Doctor Who in the near future. The video features Jackson, polishing his Academy Awards, and his daughter fielding emails from Doctor Who showrunner Stephen Moffat. Things take a turn for the absurd with the sudden appearance of Peter Capaldi, in character as the Doctor, and a dalek. Jackson directing an episode of Doctor Who would certainly be a win for the series. Check out the video below:


The Collection – Amazon

In a move counter to their usual Amazon pilot model, Amazon have given the greenlight to their first British original series. The Collection will be set in the 1940s in post World War Two Paris. Things will reportedly centre on a French fashion house, so expect the styles and clothing of the era to be a major part of the show. Oliver Goldstick (Ugly Betty) and Anne Thomopoulos (Rome) will be helming the series, which has been given eight episodes.



The new season of Lena Dunham’s Girls is set to begin early next year, but this week bought us its first full length trailer. In its fifth season the HBO smash hit will see Dunham’s Hannah and friends navigate a wedding as well as one of their number running away to Japan. Check it out below:

Viral Videos

We’ve all seen young adult movies. Admit it guys. This video lays out the five stages of watching young adult flicks. Everyone’s been there.

So last week was Black Friday and Jimmy Kimmel gave us a peak at what went down in American shopping malls. The greatness of western civilisation everyone.

If you didn’t like Avengers: Age of Ultron, this video will convince you it was a romantic comedy all along:

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