The Purposes Of The Use Of Smartphone By Young People


With the development of technology, everyone now knows that the phones are getting smaller and have different features.

Nowadays, smartphones are more than just talking verbally, they allow playing games, connecting to the internet, calculating and using desktop programs with the help of mobile applications.

The use of new generation mobile phones that functionally resemble a Swiss army knife, though not in appearance, differs among young people by country.

According to the research done by Nielsen, 73% of the youth between the ages of 15-24 living in China have been using the mobile internet with their phones in the last 30 days, while this rate is 48% among Americans in America.

While British youth follow Americans with a 46% usage rate, almost 1 out of 4 youth use mobile internet in Saudi Arabia.

While American users say that they control their emails from their mobile phones with a rate of 40%, approximately 30% of the young people download games to their phones worldwide.

When it comes to sending SMS and MMS, young girls living in India far outstrip boys. Indian girls own 70% of the sent SMS, while they use a high 82% usage of MMS.

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