The Future of Facebook Messages – Social Media


“Facebook Messages” combines your e-mail, IM, and SMS communication under the heading “social inbox” within a few months.

Facebook users will now be able to send a little different (without header) emails to their friends from the same interface with the @ extension.

The messages will be organized as conversations or conversations, which will ensure that all past conversations are displayed with the people whom the users interviewed on digital media.

The renewed Facebook Messages service will be available to over 500 million Facebook users in the coming months.

According to Mark Zuckerberg’s comments, this service was developed based on conversations with young people. Young people find communication by e-mail very slow and very formal. Starting from here, Facebook has designed the Messages service to speed up your communication with the people in contact. All messages from channels such as mail, instant messaging and SMS will be displayed on a single screen. According to Zuckerberg, such a service will be very fun. Social media experts’ thoughts on the service that has not been implemented yet: whether this service can be useful as e-mail and whether it can serve the same purpose.

The Facebook statement said that the new Facebook service will prevent spam. Messages from people you do not know will fall into the “other” folder before coming to the “inbox” folder. In order for any message to arrive in the “inbox” folder, the person or institution that sent the message must be on your network or be defined by you to fall into “inbox”.

The service, which will be available in the coming months, will or will not be used by a significant portion of 500 million. The user will decide whether the service is useful or not. One of the problems about the subject is that these e-mails can be overlooked because important mails do not arrive inbox.