The Daily Started Broadcasting


The Daily, the first paid newspaper published on iPad, which we previously reported but was delayed a bit and is expected to start its broadcasting life, said hello to its readers with an opening meeting held in New York today.

News Corp. President Robert Murdoch and Apple’s top executives spoke about the future of The Daily and digital publishing at the opening meeting. “The new digital age has created a need for a new newspaper. We did not miss this and decided to publish The Daily, ”said Murdoch, adding that the digital newspaper will be more enjoyable than the classic newspaper. The Daily, which readers can read for 14 Cent per day or $ 39 a year, will consist of a total of one hundred pages. In the newspaper, which will contain all the advantages of the digital world, readers will be able to easily share the news on Twitter.

The Daily, the first paid digital newspaper in which news and content will be interactive, devoted its first issue to the events in Egypt.

In the answer to a question about whether The Daily will be on other digital platforms, it was stated that the newspaper will be available only on Apple this year, and perhaps next year, but on other platforms. The Daily’s biggest revenue item will be the reader subscription where all the features of the touch screen can be used.

In an environment where newspaper reading is free, how successful a paid newspaper will be will be a point that all experts will follow closely.ıljbw-104