The Advantages Of Content Marketing In E-Commerce Business

If you run an E-Commerce business, you probably already promote your products by using social media in some fashion. You tweet or put out a Facebook post whenever you want to promote a new product.

That is a great start! But to really maximize your store’s potential, you should not rely solely on social media.

Social media is just one part of an overall marketing push that includes various other elements depending on what you’re selling. But one aspect of the marketing mix that is proven to increase sales, and is often neglected by stores just starting out, is the content generation.

Providing original content in the form of blogs, newsletters, guest posting campaign, video Blogging or infographics can have a measurable impact on your overall marketing push. So here is a little overview of the advantages of generating awesome original content, and a few tips on how to make it a killer.

Why Use Content Marketing For Your E-Commerce Business

Let me start with, most e-commerce sites fail due to lack of exposure and promotion.

E-Commerce sites run more on social recommendation and for that you not only need to build a community & brand, but you have to give a reason to customers to keep talking about your brand.

You might be selling unlimited clothing brands, but how will a customer know about the latest trends or the best stuff to buy?

That’s where a blog comes into the picture. It works as a medium to educate your customers. In no time, you will be winning the trust and loyalty of your regular customers. Moreover, a blog will help you to get free traffic from searches and will help push your E-Commerce business further.

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Benefits of content marketing for E-Commerce Websites

Give a Little More

Putting out a blog or video about a product complements your product descriptions, allowing you to elaborate further. As they say in the ad world, a long copy is always better than a short copy.

The more words you have to sell someone something, the higher the chances that you will make a conversion. So pick a product you’d like to highlight, and write something that gets people excited! Get creative with it.

Talk about what inspired the product, give it a little history, a little depth.

You could even share a story about a satisfied customer enjoying your product.

If your product has multiple uses or applications, you can use a blog or video to highlight a creative way in which a customer could utilize it.

Your not necessarily writing in a way that is directly hawking your product, but instead acting as sort of an evangelist for the experiences that your product can invite.

Become an Expert

Another great way E-Commerce businesses can leverage original content is to provide really helpful or insightful information that relates to your niche or industry.

Creating how-to type content and providing your take on in-the-moment stories can attract people to your blog and do wonders in building consumer trust.

If you consistently provide useful information, people will begin to look at you as an expert in your field and may grow to depend on you as a trusted source of information. This will give you the credibility that only can come through helping others reach their goals.

People will come to rely on you when they need information related to your field, and therefore will be more appreciative and receptive to your new products and your straight advertising copy.

Being a trusted source will also add a human element to your business that is usually quite hard to obtain due to the anonymous nature of the internet.

You are building relationships with your customers, as well as opening the door for networking opportunities with other similar, non-competing businesses in your niche that might complement yours. So find topics that interest you, do your research, and lend a helping hand!

Search Engine Optimization

One of the biggest and most straightforward advantages of producing original content is the SEO value.

When you write original content, such as a blog, you are able to insert certain keywords into that content that will help search engines find you and put you higher in the results. Find out what keywords people usually search for when they search for your product and pepper them into any blog or article you write.

It doesn’t have to be much, just one or two occurrences per keyword should do the trick.

This should be relatively simple to pull off since you are probably discussing a subject closely related to your business.

Then, hyperlink those keywords back to your website, or any keyword specific landing pages you might have set up, and voila! You are making yourself more relevant to search engines by providing quality content. It’s a win-win!

You can also use tools like SEMRUSH to see what keywords are driving traffic to your competitor and you can How To Write SEO Friendly Content, and outrank your competitors.

If you are an E-Commerce business owner and are trying to find a way to create a difference, give content marketing a shot via blogs, and see the difference.

You can refer to the epostakur guide on How To Start A New Blog, which will help you to create a blog for your E-Commerce business or you can also take advantage of personal blog consultancy.

Hope this helps you understand why content marketing is so darn cool for your E-Commerce business. Happy selling!