Temporary Service Failure in Gmail – Social Media


Due to a malfunction in Gmail yesterday evening, it was learned that a very small percentage of Gmail members were deleted from the membership pages of their entire mail and chat history. If you woke up in the morning and received a thank you message for new sign-up to Gmail in your Gmail inbox, don’t panic. Gmail announced that those who have this problem will repair their mail and chat history as soon as possible.

In the first “service failure” record received over the “Google Apps Status Dashboard” yesterday evening, it was said that the failure affected less than 0.29% of users, while the second record received this morning was a much lower rate than the first forecast, 0.08%.

In the statement made, it was mentioned that the users affected by the problem may have a short break from their Gmail access in order to fix this problem. As the entire Gmail database is backed up, users affected by the problem will soon have their mail history back.

While the service states that some of the users who are already having problems are fixing their problems and restoring their mail history, there are also users who prefer to back up their mailboxes in case of a possible problem. If you want to take such a measure, you do not need to search for programs, you can download your mail history to your computer by connecting to your account via Outlook or a similar POP Mail Reader.