Television Lovers Meet at – Social Media


Would you like to have a social networking site where you can share your thoughts, comments, and television lovers like you after watching your favorite TV show, heated discussion program or a fun talk show?

As of March 16, 2011,, which has been developed to be a social network on the internet, for those who watch television, what programs and serials will say, will join as a member.

The site, which operates in the logic of social networking, differs from its counterparts by specifically turning to TV programs, archiving and offering a professional reporting opportunity. The purpose of the site is to share the opinions and opinions of the users interactively about daily television programs on a free and open platform, and thus, to contribute to the measurement of the ratings, and to convey the opinions of the audience to the programmers.

Attention Audience; A social networking site where you can freely comment on the programs on television screens, follow other criteria that you will create your own critical pages, and respond to them, thereby creating a list of followers.