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Technology is developing and changing day by day. So how does this reflect on fashion?

We have hardly seen the brand of technology-oriented work in Turkey but I am waiting impatiently applications. However, such studies abroad seem to be quite high. For iPhone, iPad, iPod or other technological devices, you either create the fashion or take advantage of the collections of brands. In this case, there are many options. Many creative ideas arise from brands or entrepreneurs.

Many brands in the world take their new products into the market considering the technology. By doing some research, we see detailed information from brands’ sites. So much so that brands make only technology-oriented collections and share them with the consumer.

Here are a few examples from the world…

Mohan’s New York – iPad Team

Rusty – iPod-specific clothing from the “Wired Series” collection


Some of the collections of the Australian origin “iClothing” company:


In addition to brands, entrepreneurs can also design tailor-made clothing created with new technology. One of them is: Syte Shirt

iPhone Syte Shirt

iPad Syte Shirt